Monday, August 2, 2010

Here’s why the government don’t want the HPC

UK value falls by £94Bn

Property is 61% of the UK's "wealth".

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4 thoughts on “Here’s why the government don’t want the HPC

  • Yes, I see what they’ve done there.

    They tried this years ago when the government started The Student Loan Company. They loaned the money to students in a loan agreement and then classified it as income so that any benefits that students were eligible for could be removed.

    In their defence, I see that the Independent has used quotes around ‘value’.

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  • Does the govt worry about this stat?


    – It is a curiosity only, and I doubt the wisdom of the ONS in taking the trouble to compile it..

    My RC for this post is in Latin.. oh well!

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  • In the other news •Revealed: Industrial Revolution was powered by child slaves –

    By comparison we can argue that for half of the 61% property wealth our children will have to work very hard. Modern slavery but do not worry too much as engineered inflation is next.

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    What Mander says. it’s the same people in the same houses. While houses are real assets with real value, land values only show up in the stats because they are not taxed properly – they are not assets at all really, they are just existing owners holding the next generation to ransom.

    Or as some more rabid LVTers put it, what would happen to UK asset values if a quarter of the population were enslaved (literally) and sold off to the other three-quarters? Suddenly we’d have 15 million slaves on the assets side, but would we, collectively be richer? Nope.

    Continuing the theme, the supposed killer argument against LVT is the Poor Widow In A Mansion – apparently, one of the arguments given for not abolishing slavery was “What about the Poor Widow Who Only Has A Couple Of Slaves As Assets?”

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