Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tories deny RAB Capital’s theory about house prices

Tory win could lead to house price slump

The Conservative Party's plans to slash spending in the public sector to a larger degree than Labour could bring about a property price crash, according to a City economist ... A Conservative spokesperson disagreed, accusing the fundmanager of exaggerating the potential impact of the planned spending cuts on jobs.

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7 thoughts on “Tories deny RAB Capital’s theory about house prices

  • greenshootsandleaves says:

    ‘the plan was to leave public sector posts unfilled when they became vacant, rather than cull jobs’

    Sounds like a very slow process. So, which would be the first to go, the plan or the target?

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  • Doh! I was about to vote Tory. Now what do I do?

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  • “…undermine confidence and wreck the fragile housing market recovery.”

    erm, where’s this recovery.

    Total Psyc ops on both counts.

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  • Not filling vacancies is a good start, followed by a ban on the use of consultants and the hiring of contract staff; and a moratorium on appointments to quangos.

    Taken together, the savings will be quite substantial.

    The real trick though will be to roll back the culture of litigation, and obsessive deference to the god of ‘elf ‘n’ safety.

    Greatly broadening the definition of the word ‘reasonable’ on the H&S front, and making litigants front deposits to cover the costs of the defendants, should their actions fail; would go a long way toward cutting the dead wood out of both the public and private sectors.

    Whilst I am in favour of FoI in principle, it does not seem reasonable for the taxpayer to have to front the full cost of processing such requests. A modest fixed fee would greatly limit the abuse and attendant cost of this facility.

    I could go on…

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  • There is a flaw in your plan Uncle Tom.

    Allot of consultants (like myself) are technical specialists and would never in a million years choose to work for some sleepy local authority working on mind numbing projects with no end in sight.

    This means that there is actually a skills shortage within Local Authorities because their own staff cannot do the harder technical work themselves nearly as efficiently as we can so by canning the consultants you will end up with allot of unemployed specialists who will look overseas for work leaving a deep skills shortage in every sector imaginable which will end up costing the Country even more.

    Food for thought.

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    What’s not to like? In this way you can simultaneously strike a blow against public sector leeches* and landowning leeches (and banking leeches).

    * Remembering that the total salaries of all “frontline workers” (nurses, doctors, teachers, coppers, soldiers, prison guards etc) is about £60 billion per annum, out of total government spending £520 billion (excluding another £180 billion for pensions and welfare, which is fair enough, you can’t let people starve).

    It won’t make me vote Tory though, they are the original Home-Owner-Ist party.

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  • It’s the fact that the govt didn’t curb house prices when they were grossly overvalued and continue tu support them whilst they are still overvalued that they are still so high and have not corrected to their fair value. House prices will go back to their fair value once this artifical support to keep them high when the support is removed, irrrespective whether that happens in 3 months or in 2 years time. One thing is for certain, the longer you delay the correction, the harder the fall will be.

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