Thursday, April 8, 2010

But £433 a person to advise debtors is a success

Government debt advice strategy branded a 'failure'

The Government has spent £600m on giving people debt advice (I presume that is how to get out of it). Only one project, which cost £433 a person has been deemed a success and "good value for money". The figures are so big I had to get out the scientific calculator !

Posted by tenyearstogetmymoneyback @ 08:43 AM (811 views)
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5 thoughts on “But £433 a person to advise debtors is a success

  • I despair of the Tories for not making more of this sort of waste..

    Just about every government function has rocketed in cost since Labour came to power, with everyone covering their backs, producing reams of risk assessments that no-one has the time to read, engaging endless tiers of consultants, and employing countless expensive lawyers to no good end..

    There’s a catalogue of conspicuous waste that the Tories should be highlighting at every opportunity, but instead they are buying into Nu Labour’s weasel words, and dodging the core issue.

    That’s not the way to get elected..

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  • If I have no debt burden can I just have the £433 myself?

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  • @uncle tom – regarding your point “That’s not the way to get elected..” – maybe they dont want to get elected at this particular time, after all it’s a very shi**y stick that they are going to pick up from Labour if they win on May 7th – perhaps they want Gordon to keep the baton and let him take the flack for the impending implosion.

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  • tenyearstogetmymoneyback says:

    Personally I think that they do want to get elected but don’t want to portray themselves as the bad guys by saying
    “10% of you are completely stuffed and will end up in the 21st century equivalent of the poor house”. That doesn’t
    mean to say that isn’t what they have planned especially if they have determined that most of the 10% are Labour

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  • On balance even a weak Conservative would seam better than this bunch who just don’t believe in Democracy or accountability to the people they are supposed to represent .

    Another 5 years and they will have the whole thing sown up so tightly that future elections will be irrelevent .

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