Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tesco to dominate property listings?

Tesco & Spicerhaart launches

We have been here before with Tescos but have they really learnt their lessons. The fees are not as cheap as many had expected, so will this really put agents out of business. It seems as if they will be simply acting as agents without offices.

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7 thoughts on “Tesco to dominate property listings?

  • This is excellent news, it’s about time the whole estate agency thing was re-thought.

    Often good houses sell within a week or 2 of coming to market sometimes a day or 2. And frankly the agents in these circumstances are simply overpaid when chaging £4500 (1.5% of £300k).

    I assume the smallish upfront fees are to cover the cost of 1/ marketing, 2/ photos, 3/ floorplan.
    These are genuine costs which I’m frankly surprised agents don’t charge – it’s fair.
    A small commission/reward for the above work done correctly (IE a sale achieved) also seems fair.
    Expect several vacant shops in each town to become available as this new way of selling houses takes on.
    (No doubt making room for another Tesco Express) LOL.

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  • Presumably the new Tesco express stores can be manned by former estate agent workers.

    To find the baked beans leave this checkout proceed for 3 yards turning left into the sweeping aisle, with a magnificent aspect over the front of the shop where there is of course ample parking.

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  • holding out

    I like your expansion on my thoughts, very funny.

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  • Holding out – love it.
    The best bit is the “ample parking” – at a Tesco Express?! I think not – ah it’s an E.A. that’ll be “Ample parking [for a mobility vehicle, on the pavement]”.

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  • stillthinking says:

    I just got ripped off by an estate agent who jumped me with additional fees while (illegally) threatening to keep the intention to proceed deposit if I withdrew. 412 pounds……. no need for libel but the name sounds like a french man urinating. Some of the flats I looked at made me realise how many dumb BTLs there are, seeming to assume you’ll take any old crud.

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  • Rentinginthesouth says:

    I used to be one of the core staff at tesco property market and it was amazing the amount of resistance and underhand tactics that the OFT buckled to from the estate agents mob. The product was actually really good and offered great value for money for 199!

    The original company before it was bought by Tesco was passionate about value for the consumer, so it’s great to see they’re still going in some sort!

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  • vacuouspolitician says:

    Hmmm a bad idea employing ex EAs…

    Customer…can you tell me how old the shelf is and what it’s SWL rating is please and how much your fees are?…

    EA…errr…it’s a modern shelf…

    Customer…no how OLD is the shelf !…

    EA…errr…well it’s got a thick coat of paint on it, so it must be modern. errr…what’s a SWL rating?, I’ve never heard of that I don’t know what a sap rating is…tee hee…but what I can tell you is our fees…they’re very reasonable…£3000 + vat

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