Saturday, January 9, 2010

Result of the “miracle economy”

Consumers 'still seeking help with debt' - 06/01/2010

This isn't the way Gordo planned it.

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2 thoughts on “Result of the “miracle economy”

  • mark wadsworth says:

    Mr G, Labour saw this one coming a mile off

    a) The recession in the UK is not their fault, it’s the fault of some vast unnamed international banking conspiracy.

    b) Unlike the hard-hearted Tories who allowed interest rates to rise to 15% (for a few days) and allowed repossessions to soar, Labour they have kept interest rates to very low levels and made repossessions illegal to protect the hard-pressed home-owner. Thus stealing once and for all the Home-Owner-Ist mantle.

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  • Murtaza Ali Jivanjee says:

    (a) Indeed bwana Gordon saw this coming long before he took over the premiership.
    (b) The re-distribution of wealth from the ultra rich etc to the less fortunates is the philosophy of the ‘Socialist and the Labour party’ since time immemorial. Essentially it strengthens the nation’s spending power and keeps the conveyor belts turning here in the UK and in the developing countries where considerable amount of goods are produced n manufactured by our industrialists.
    (c) Creates employment in the 3rd world who in return can afford to buy our goods albeit at an unfair exchange rate!
    (d) Lets get the banks and the trillionaires to understand this strategy for their own vested interest in the long run. Their blinkered & short sighted ‘profit goals’ are prescriptions for a doom and gloom economy.
    (e) This is precisely what Mr Gordon Brown aspires and is facing the challenge remarkably. Thankfully Mr Obama understands the plight of the less well offs and InshaAllah (God willing), we’ll get there.

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