Wednesday, Dec 16, 2009

Wonder if they include property in this

Reuters: Schroders says move out of sterling assets

Investing in non-sterling assets will protect UK-based investors from a potentially destabilising fall in the pound next year and possible future inflation, Schroders said on Wednesday. "We have benefited from gaining a competitive advantage from weaker sterling but we could get out of control. If we do end up getting a hung parliament, the market will give up on having a financial discipline to get out of the debt problems," Alan Brown, chief investment officer at Schroders, told a briefing. "If inflation is substantially local than global, investing out of home markets will give you an inflation hedge as the currency will come under pressure. That argues for non-sterling investment."

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1. alan said...

How about Norway? They've just put their IR up.

Maybe not Greece - just been downgraded.... again!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 07:42PM Report Comment

2. smugdog said...

Techie, your thoughts if you please?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 09:18PM Report Comment

3. hpwatcher said...

the currency will come under pressure

I think it will come under a lot more than pressure - the UK is insolvent!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 08:14AM Report Comment

4. techieman said...

Sorry smug didnt look at this till just now. Bit tied up this am so dont really have a chance to read it. As you know i have been keen oin the greenback v. GBP for sometime now. However i think we will have a bounce in that after hitting a low trend channel. As for the Euro / dollar again i have been saying that i thought the Greenback was due for a large rally. Again we have prob had most (as of his am) the first leg down to the 1.44s off the top - 1.56. So soon a move back and then another rally to sell (the euro i mean). Thats my genral view. How that plays out in the Euro / GBP cross? Well im not actively trading it at the mo - but it looks like pound should strengthen for a while. Eventually though the pound re-reaches parity, but after shaking oput lots of pound bears with an aggressive mood first.

The only other thing is volatility might be high because of thin trading conditions in the forex.

As for the long term? Well thats after lunch right?

Thursday, December 17, 2009 08:14AM Report Comment

5. techieman said...

sorry it should be "out pound bears" and "an aggressive move".

I actually re-sold some more GBP v $ last night, the move to the 1.64s looked like a suck in against a downward sloping top of a chanel. Around 80 - 100 basis lower this am.

Still crunchie keeps warning of some imminent dollar collapse and is apparently going to remind me of it when it happens!! Personally if thats what the market tells me then thats when i believe it - for the moment though Mr Market is telling me the opposite.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 08:20AM Report Comment

6. techieman said...

hpwatcher i must say that Gold is holding up surprisingly well in spite of dollar strength. Once we have the relief rally against the dollar - i.e. dollar weakens - we will prob see some big moves up in the yellow stuff. That could be from the recent low 1100 and change or could be from after that has been broken by a bit more downside first. Thats just to give you a bit of comfort - so a new high eventually then at that time (assuming i am right) we may go parabolic - which will then be the final upmove in gold (at least v the Greenback).

I still hold a fair amount of Gold from way back when. So i am actually happy for the bulls to be right.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 08:34AM Report Comment

7. crunchy said...

5. techieman

Not imminent, we are talking about the worlds reserve currency here. If the collapse comes between now and 2 years that's not a bad call.

That was naughty of you. I see this $ rally as another selling opportunity. Which would you choose $ or Gold. Simples!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 11:07AM Report Comment

8. crunchy said...

Careful tech. Do not underestimate Le Crunch. A bad mistake.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 11:24AM Report Comment

9. crunchy said...

Tech, let me help you in your dollar buying. Is someone not due for another Terrorist attack. You go ahead, whilst I will stay safe.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 11:36AM Report Comment

10. techieman said...

:-) ok well i see so now we know when the prediction doesnt resonate with reality whats there to do? I know just change reality. I said a while back (near the dollar bottom [price] v Euro - that i would be shocked not to see a fall in value of the Euro "in the next few days or weeks").

Crunch then seemed to disagree at that time - so now Le crunch is going for 2 years? Well thats all very relevant and helpful!! - "Techiman, I'm still waiting in the wings for you, re $collapse."

I then asked you what you meant but no response - sigh - i see you were waiting to see if events bore you out or you would have to revert to this "2 year scenario". Your 2 year scenario may be right - i have no interest in 2 years time - apart from when we are in 1.75 years time!

This might jog yr memory Crunch:

number 15 by me:

"Even if I am wrong that we have a EUR / $ MAJOR top in place - which is possible (i.e. that we dont have a MAJOR top soon) - i would be astonished if we don't have a interim top within the next few days / weeks - with a big sell off in the Euro."

your response (16):

"Tech it is very simples.

The Federal Reserve are dumping dollars.

Sometimes it is like talking to a kid.

Don't worry I will remind you when it happens."

So they were dumping dollars but it will take 2 years (sorry up to 2 years) now for that to be shown up in the price of dollars??? Eh?

Naughty of me? you started it! :-).

We can all be wrong (i have been myself) and thats fair enough but then trying to change what we said to fit well isnt that a bit naughty?

Thursday, December 17, 2009 12:03PM Report Comment

11. techieman said...

"Tech, let me help you in your dollar buying. Is someone not due for another Terrorist attack. You go ahead, whilst I will stay safe."

Pretty safe really - have a long dollar position - have added to it against £ and Euro and have a guaranteed stop - so guaranteed profit. The stop will probably be oco'd against a better place to take some profits and even if it isnt its still a guaranteed profit. Cant be much safer than that!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009 12:09PM Report Comment

12. crunchy said...

"Techiman, I'm still waiting in the wings for you, re $collapse." I said 'wings' tech.

BTW stops don't always stop. Have your bit of fun for now. He who laughs last, laughts the longest.

Have you condidered why the dollar is rallying. Hot air my friend.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 01:06PM Report Comment

13. techieman said...

"BTW stops don't always stop" - what part of "guaranteed" dont you understand?? When you have a guaranteed stop you dont have to "mind the gap". or even slippage. Really are showing yr ignorance on this one.

"Have you con[s]idered why the dollar is rallying" - nope and i also suppose it was just a lucky guess when i said the Euro would have a big sell off??

Well feel free to tell me why - i could do with a laugh. You really do need to be able to admit defeat now and again - really it wont hurt! As for longer term you may be right - this may be a rally off an intermediate dollar bottom, rather than a major bottom. Thats exactly what i said above.

If there is a $ collapse i would probably be on the right side, because the market will give clues before it happens. As for a terrorist attack - thats a bit scary do you have inside knowledge???? Assuming you dont then if we do have one what makes you certain that would be bad for the dollar??

I can feel a ridiculable comment comming on.......

Thursday, December 17, 2009 01:41PM Report Comment

14. crunchy said...

13. techieman, I know who the wank8r is, as I have stated before on here. You will wake up to that in time, if you haven't already. : )

I'm still waiting in the 'wings' for you. Nothing more to add.

Thursday, December 17, 2009 03:57PM Report Comment

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