Thursday, Dec 03, 2009

More workers available for tescos

Machester evening news: GMP to lose 300 officers in budget cuts

GREATER Manchester Police is to lose 300 officers after overspending by £5m.
The force will also order a freeze on civilian recruitment and crack down on overtime, training and travel as it seeks to balance the books.
Accountants have forecast the force will overreach its £560m annual budget by around £5m when the financial year ends in March.

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1. crunchy said...

Tesco trims down the surplus pig fat and slashes the price, in a rash bid to save Farmer Brown's bacon!

Special offer on Scottish Bullock, last one!

Thursday, December 3, 2009 06:48PM Report Comment

2. yorkshireman said...

What sort of message does this send out to the lawless ? Surely not that we are 'tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime'. As well as being robbed and held to ransom by our bankers on a daily basis, I now feel even less inclined to pop down to the shops or go for an evening out. That is even if I had the money to spend.

Priorities, what priorities ?

Thursday, December 3, 2009 07:16PM Report Comment

3. crunchy said...

Perhaps our trimmed down police force need more powerful tasers to be more intimidating and more mounted cash cameras and that could be just for starters. If it really gets bad out there we could introduce some more laws like in some states of America where personal trackers are being factory built into new cars, something to do with being taxed by the mile, you know that carbon thingy we mere mortals don't understand, but if your not a hoody or tooled up it's all really cool. That will be good right, they also have some other great hi tech ideas that are top secret, wow! we need these, because we can then afford to employ more police officers to enforce these new types of futuristic laws and so it goes on, slowly but surely untill we are not only cheated out of our sovereignty we also lose our freedom to privacy and eventually freedom itself. Wot like in I'm a Celebrity, Survivor or Big Brother. Cool innit! That's fat bro!... MESHELL!! Where is she?

2. yorkshireman said..."I now feel even less inclined to pop down to the shops or go for an evening out. That is even if I had the money to spend."

Too late, and it hasn't even started! Thank God for my HUGE TV.

Thursday, December 3, 2009 08:18PM Report Comment

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