Saturday, Nov 14, 2009

Why don't you take my shirt aswell?

Telegraph: Civil servants share £105 million in bonuses

Greedy gluttonous pigs look after themselves and stuff the rest.
Even those senior officials that deserve it should do the honourable thing and hand it back, considering the financial and economic state of the country.

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1. Jayk said...

Yeah, all those greedy, gluttonous pigs on 17k a year, how dare they. The public sector should work for NOTHING.

Do grow up. The private sector should give no lectures to the public sector on greed and gluttony, especially since average private pay is 25% higher than public pay. It is the greed and gluttony of the man on the street that has brought down banks and created house price inflation, not the pay and pensions of staff in the Benefits Agency. And before you say private pay doesn't come from taxpayers, since when do private businesses publish their wages so consumers can decide which products they should spend their hard earned money on? I'm about to buy a car; I want to know what proportion of my hard-earned money is going on wages and benefits to motor company staff so I can make an informed choice. After all, it's VAT-payers who pay their wages.

What's bringing this country down is not the pay and pensions of civil servants, nurses and teachers, but tax-dodging private sector workers and companies, people claiming benefits they don't need or are not entitled to (ban child benefit and family tax credit for ANY family earning over 30k a year, and do it NOW) and consumers demanding ever cheaper Chinese crap.

Sunday, November 15, 2009 02:45PM Report Comment

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