Thursday, October 22, 2009

I hate sky news but here is something slightly connected to our cause

Land Registry to Cut 1500 jobs

Can anyone find anythign in the article which attempts to explain why? I hate sky news!

Posted by brickormortis @ 12:23 PM (1030 views)
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4 thoughts on “I hate sky news but here is something slightly connected to our cause

  • brickormortis said, “Can anyone find anythign in the article which attempts to explain why”
    – Erm, yeah, the first sentence, “The Land Registry is to axe 1,500 jobs and close five offices as part of a cost-cutting drive.” and the quote by Chief executive Peter Collis at the end of the article, “However we believe these measures are necessary if we are to become the smaller, leaner, more flexible organisation we need to be.”

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  • brickormortis says:

    Sorry, must be all the banging of my head against the wall I have been doing later. I was rather hoping for something of a proper journalistic rigour to expose the root cause of the cost-cutting drive.

    By the way, I hate sky!

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  • @brickormotis

    You are not alone in hating Sky. OK, so this may be a little off topic, but this is the meat of my notification to cancel Sky. I’ve not had a response back yet (I only sent it a week or so ago), but I did enjoy writing it…

    Re: Notice to terminate Sky TV contract:

    Dear Sir,

    it is only inertia that has stopped me writing this letter in the past. This correspondence is to inform you that I am giving you formal notice to terminate my contract with Sky TV. I have, finally, been able to talk my two children into relinquishing this service in favour of the Freeview option. The benefits are enormous: I finally get rid of the Discovery, et al, channels that are utter tat – I don’t give two figs about World War I or II, I don’t want to watch American biggest, fastest or other crap, and I hate above all else having to sit through innumerable adverts, which I don’t hear because I always press the mute button.

    I pull the card out of the box and don’t notice the difference! There are only four channels that are of interest. These are BBC Four and BBC Parliament (BBC News is pretty crap, and Sky News – you must be joking). And the other two channels I need are BBC Radio Three and BBC Radio Four. So I only need four channels that are already free – how cool is that?

    It has taken a long time to convince my children that Sky TV is poor quality, but at last they have seen the light. By terminating my contract I will be saving £270 per year; even if I was to spend that on booze it would be money better spent.

    So to reiterate the point above – this is notice that I am terminating my agreement with you as per the terms and conditions that I had to sign when the contract was first created. I expect there to be one more monthly payment, and then you will not be able to take any further amounts out of my account.

    Yours finally free,


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  • letsgetreadytotumble says:

    I think they’re making LR leaner ready to sell of as an asset. Strange, LR have always turned a porfit for the tax payer.
    Also, their workload must be well down.

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