Friday, Oct 02, 2009

Gold, Inflation and another Lost Decade?

The Renegade Economist: Talkshow - 2nd October

The Talkshow is back and has as guests Dominic Frisby and Michael Hudson from Commodity Watch Radio. The team discusses gold, Zimbabwe hyper-inflation v 70’s inflation and the Japanese lost decade.

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1. little professor said...

Wish they would make audio versions of these available so you can listen on the go. Who wants to spend 20 minutes of their lives tied to the computer screen staring at those ugly mugs while they are talking?

Friday, October 2, 2009 05:39PM Report Comment

2. quiet guy said...


Good stuff as always but the only gold I recall being mentioned was about a dog. Are you trying to tell us something? :)

Friday, October 2, 2009 06:41PM Report Comment

3. robh said...


I don't know what kind of pod-u-lator you are using... but I play video on mine in my pocket; you gotta look where you step in Westcliff
You can use 'media pirate' to download some clips as mp4 and sometimes they let you save them

Alternatively, do your nails or the dishes whilst listening?

Friday, October 2, 2009 09:37PM Report Comment

4. techieman said...

you can use the "ask & record " toolbar - its free. Works on most of the stuff.

Anyway, its not Michael Hudson - Michael Hampton. The puppy was obviously a bull!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009 08:38AM Report Comment

5. the number cruncher said...

I hook up my laptop to the telly and watch in HD from you-tube - works a treat.

I also do this for a growing number of independent news channels on you tube such as the real news network and AlJazeera. They have even just put on all of James Burke's connection programmes on youtube which are brilliant. I also love TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) which is better than anything on the TV. you can 'subscribe to these channels and they e-mail you when new content is added.

I first did this for a dinner party I through to watch amusing you tube videos about 5 years ago but now some committed journalists are trying to use you tube and internet video to put out quality journalism without corporate or government bias.

The world is changing and broadcast media is declining - our kids will predominantly not be watching broadcast TV in the next 10 years.

As most HPCers ore of an independent mind, with a burning intellectual curiosity, I think they will appreciate such advances in the media.

I even have my own channel now, a bit like titaniccaptain, but I do not want to reveal my identity and it is HPC unrelated.

Saturday, October 3, 2009 09:29AM Report Comment

6. mdmick said...


Ooh! Just like Batman !!!!

If broadcast tv declines then how would shows like X-Factor be disseminated to people?

Saturday, October 3, 2009 04:12PM Report Comment

7. the number cruncher said...

most of the stuff on youtube is Cr*p - music vids, celebs, infotainment and viral ads

It just means that there is diversity for those that choose the path of knowledge.

The sheeple will be will catered for...

I also think that the internet is full of false flag propaganda from a huge range of VI's. The CIA and Chinese have thousands of 'bloggers' typing away on discussion groups putting forward the party line and they will have some making you tube vids. There are lots of right wing funded groups voting on social websites such as digg and twitter. The 'we love the NHS' campaign on twitter was swamped with robot messages slagging off social health care to make sure the yanks that read it never get a true picture of just how much better our NHS is than the travesty of health care they have to put up with.

I bet even this forum is perused and added to by someone in the pay of HM security services...

Saturday, October 3, 2009 04:49PM Report Comment

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