Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons

Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons

For a glimpse of what awaits Britain, Europe, and America as budget deficits spiral to war-time levels, look at what is happening to the Irish welfare state.

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9 thoughts on “Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons

  • We are about to find out which jobs are genuinely important.

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  • For a start…


    Yes, I’ve been thinking about Little House on the Prairie.

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  • How about:

    Civil Enforcement Officer (formerly the much maligned Traffic Warden – and soon to have statutory right of entry to your home)
    CCTV Operator
    Grave Digger

    For as long as the choice of Western governments is to waste time, money and energy in a futile attempt to recreate the ‘old’ system; successful public mentoring and, if needs be, forced influence will become the norm. A road to hell.

    Authority is implementing their own version of ‘truth’. Spinning reality through 180 degrees.

    The World is, in essence, upside down. If the government has their way we will soon forget which way is ‘up’, forget what we used to find ‘reasonable’. Fiscal ruin as a result of corruption is obvious, but how about the moral confusion? Anyone remember integrity?

    Perhaps it would be wiser to create and implement a ‘new improved’ system. A system that the majority of the population finds reasonable. A system where truth, from the perspective of moral integrity rather than government spin and newspaper headlines, is the only authority. Sounds simple enough to me.

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  • Who-ate-all-my-pies says:

    300,000 public sector workers in Rep of Ireland
    600,000 public sector workers in Scotland

    Population Rep of Ireland 4.4 million
    Population Scotland 5 mIllion

    And this report talks about how bad things are in Rep of Ireland!!!!

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  • Damning, but, but, but, the media would have us all believe we on the cusp of another property boom *lol*

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  • stillthinking says:

    I read your link quietguy

    The time to sort out the unemployed was up to 2007, not now. There are not enough jobs to go around…. Economies are either expanding or shrinking, when they are -expanding- you can continue to expand them by making welfare less attractive as an option.

    At the moment, we can’t. Making welfare less attractive now will not put people into work, the economy is shrinking. Really, this isn’t the time to try and shrink welfare. Apart from anything else, what about the huge numbers of recently unemployed who have been paying in all their lives? Do they get shafted along with the rest?

    What makes the benefit system absurb is as Mark Wadsworth points out in a comment, that the huge cost, the component that creates the benefit trap, is the cost of housing. Leading back to why aren’t we building more social housing, reason being because the electorate don’t want to, however the electorate, also being a taxpayer, are hoist on their own petard through LHA.

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  • Thee commet in the article on Ireland is interesting; ‘The Garda (police), already smarting from a 7pc pay cut, may have to buy their own uniforms. Hospital visits could cost £107 a day’.

    Imagine how that would go down over here!

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  • We have loads of fat in the UK.

    The problem for Broon is that once it’s cut, we’ll all see that we’ve just been through huge and extravagant waste. So much of the new spend has been poorly applied. Cutting it will reveal the failure that Broons miracle always was.

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