Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh dear, but at least house prices are on the up again!

Van Maker LDV Collapses into Administration

Those good people at SKy news just told me that 11 out of 20 of the city's leading economists predict that the economy has stopped contracting and will be ready to grow again shortly!!!! I wonder if these were the same leading economists that didn't predict the disaster zone that we are in now!?? By the way does anyone know how you earn the title of "leading"? Do you have to be any good at your job or do you send some tokens from a few cornflake boxes?

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4 thoughts on “Oh dear, but at least house prices are on the up again!

  • It seems everyone is wanting the bull market to kick off again! It may be linked to the desparation of the Brown government to find something positive to say in the midst of a dreadful week’s news.

    I think it will take some time before the UK stabilises its economy (maybe years). In the meantime, people are willing house prices to go up and the “V shaped recovery” to kick in….jobs suddenly appear…. bonuses to grow….foreign long haul trips back on the agenda…

    Is it me or have adverts suddenly sprouted up offering to buy gold? Is this the start of a gold bubble or are people keen to get hold of something which will hold its value? Manufacturing shares don’t look good and are exposed to Interest Rates. Banks are exposed to reposessions,

    I wonder why so many folk are positive about the Lloyds group, today? Government backing, perhaps? It’s more than LDV got….

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  • I actually think we are well into the gold bubble. Aren’t we getting close to the shoe shine boy giving us advice on stocks moment? LDV news is being very poorly reported I think amid all the hoo ha about Big Gordie and his credibility.

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  • happy mondays says:

    @1 people are willing house prices to go up and the “V shaped recovery” to kick in….jobs suddenly appear…. bonuses to grow….foreign long haul trips back on the agenda…

    You are right, we have had a kick in the balls, but obviously us dumb humans still want to keep raping and pillaging what we can, until nothing is left..It amazes me that with all this intelligence and grey matter we are supposed to have that we cannot work out that you cannot eat money…F**k we are stupid.

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  • Fallingbuzzard says:

    Not the same group of economic forecasts used by my clients, none of which has growth this year. Unfortunately these leading economists often work for institutions that reply on commission from transactions and want their clients to move out of positions. Anywhere so long as there is a commission. What sensible people know is that there are four asset classes that can’t all grow at the same time. If you believe the current headlines, property, equities, commodities and bonds are all rising in value. At the same time, the pound has been strengthening relative to the dollar, euro and yen over a 3 month period. Our own view is that cash and equities are gaining at the expense of property and bonds, both of which will fall in value until the equities market and specifically the earnings underlying it have recovered. Commodities have moved up and will move down heavily as China destocks towards year end. The conclusion is that there can’t be normality until 2010 at least and even then, 2010 end of year might the point where the green shoots don’t die. Until then property and debt is in for a whipping, commodities will be all over the place.

    As for gold adverts, i’d certainly buy gold from anyone at a 75% discount to its market value. Its nothing to do with the actual value of gold. The man (or woman) in the street is easily sucked in but at least they can cash in unwanted gold that people may normally not want to buy.

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