Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Video Ayn Rand interview speaks of “robber barons”

Ayn Rand Interview 1959 part 2

In this 1959 interview, her first on television, Ayn Rand capsulizes her philosophy for CBS's Mike Wallace. The discussion ranges from the nature of morality to the economic and historical distortions disseminated about the "robber barons." At 6.40 "she says current liberal governments are creating capitalists with government help, which is the worst of all economic phenomenon". Very relevant to today...

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3 thoughts on “Video Ayn Rand interview speaks of “robber barons”

  • The only worthwhile thing Ayn Rand inspired was Bioshock, and look how that turned out

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  • Just to think Alan Greenspan was part of her circle: no wonder he did n’t intervene early enough.This interview is mercifully short:try reading The Fountainhead ,a hysterically romantic portrayal of a modern architect.But in the real world the great modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright was designing Broad Acre City on the principles of Henry George and Silvio Gesell.

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  • Alan Greenspan left objectivism behind, and betrayed healthy capitalism when chose to join the FED, a gang of collectivist pseudo-capitalist bankers, so his corruption was inevitable.

    Ayn Rand may have been flawed (as we all are), however she was damned right that reason matters, and that altruism (feel-good, self-sacrifice) is a horrid, destructive idea, which leads to tyrannical ideas like collectivism (the forced sacrifice, of all, against their honest will). These ideas have undermined the very basis of healthy capitalism, so we do now live under a form of dictatorship, with democracy now a theater of folly to keep the most of the masses from peeking behind the curtain, and seeing the wizards of waste, at their destructive work.

    The recent exhibition of gross collectivist criminality, by the left dishonorable MPs, is just a diversion to keep us from perceiving the greater evils about to flood over us e.g. the continuing EU/immigrant sack of the British Isles, and the Greater Depression to come, after this sucker rally.

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