Monday, March 9, 2009

The great cycles man is back in action

Martin Armstrong: The Coming Great Depression

Since penning his first article in years last October, Martin Armstrong has written 6 more smaller articles from his prison cell. The documents are scanned in from his typewriter output and some scanning errors are are present. This one tries to give some kind of forecast of what could happen in the markets over the next 18 months.

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5 thoughts on “The great cycles man is back in action

  • Affordablehousing says:

    This would be Martin Armstrong of $606 million Ponzi scheme fame would it.
    He hasn’t much else to do I suppose.

    Is what he says of any credance?.

    Had he a true and valid knowlegable of the working of the World financial system and it’s future likelyhood,
    he would have legitamately collated heaps of wealth.
    Not try to con and steal it off people like a shyster.

    I’d sooner listen to Multi Billionares like Gates and Buffet than this two time loser rotting in jail!.
    Mind you some of what he says may turn out to be the case.
    We’ll have to see.

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:

    I chose The Coming Great Depression article to post because it seemed to confuse even long term Armstrong followers. Read the bloggers’ comments on this posting

    Armstrong Articles

    “Now in his latest writing above he gives a bunch of potential highs and lows in the different markets over the next three years, unrelated to his model, and the info seems untradeable.”

    I think I can explain the why these bloggers are confused. As we reach the last turning point in the yearly PI cycle (19 April 2009) before the low in June 2011, Martin has shifted his focus to the 8.6 internal monthly cycle for more detail (Read: It’s Just time article for more details of the 8.6 monthly cycle)

    The graph shows a highlighted period between January 2010 and 16 April 2010 (see below). What does this mean? Well the 4th Jan 2010 is a high on the 8.6 monthly cycle and the 16 April 2010 is the “high + PI” date of 2007.15 + 3.141. The last time we had a “high + PI” date was 1998.55 + 3.141 = 11 September 2001 (9/11).

    So we can expect the period of 4 January – 16 April to be extremely destructive.
    16 April is a massive date with Calleman’s model resonance too. It maps exactly to the peak oil price back in February 1981.

    Both models are lining up for this period to be very grim indeed.

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  • Crook; needed anyone say anymore.

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  • Soros Confirms Lindsey Williams Assertion Oil is a Weapon (part1)

    If you scrub the above YouTube video to 3 minutes, 45 seconds,
    you will hear the globalist George Soros at the elite confab last month in Davos, Switzerland, admit that the price of oil is being used as a weapon against the enemies of the prevailing world order, i.e, the New World Order. Soros pegs these enemies as Venezuela, Iran, and Russia.

    Chavez, declares Soros, his days are numbered.

    In Iran, the price of oil will lead to the defeat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and bring in a more reasonable regime, that is to say a regime that takes orders from the g e .

    In the case of Russia, Soros is worried. He believes the falling price of oil and the resulting social and political chaos in that country will prompt Putin and the Russian leadership into some foreign adventure to divert attention, possibly in Ukraine or elsewhere in the neighborhood.

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  • s2r1.
    How do you or Armstrong account for the spike in confidence @ April 19th 09? It’s difficult to see where such a spike is rooted. It looks like Armstrong is wrong.

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