Thursday, March 5, 2009

Someone Claiming To Be Me Has Been Saying It’s All Your Fault, Brown Tells America


GORDON Brown yesterday told America that someone has been going around blaming them for the global economic collapse and using his name.

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4 thoughts on “Someone Claiming To Be Me Has Been Saying It’s All Your Fault, Brown Tells America

  • well found crown and spot on target

    Daily Kos :-
    “” Is Capitalism the Ultimate Pyramid Scheme?
    by Oklahoma
    Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 04:17:45 PM PST
    Critics of capitalism cite its inequities and unsustainability. Wealth and power are concentrated at the top. There are promised returns for “hard work” but in reality the timing of one’s entry is the key indicator of success. The large majority will always be subservient to the small minority. Greed is rampant. Profits go to those toward the top and there is little reward for those at the bottom. Corporations have immense control and laborers have little representation. Capitalism’s “grow or die” base requires continual economic growth and an endless group of people to exploit.

    Hmmm, isn’t that a pyramid scheme?

    Oklahoma’s diary :: ::
    A great visual representation of the pyramid is the 1911 cover of the Industrial Worker entitled The Pyramid of the Capitalist System.””

    a superb illustration on this page from 1911 ~~ can/will anyone put it up here?

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:

    Capitalism and debt-based monetary systems have served us well through the industrial revolution as Europeans expanded across the globe. We would never have progressed without it.

    Now it is time for something completely different. That is the nature of the system

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  • LOL. Yeah, GB has got a nerve blaming the Yanks for creating this mess then going over there and cosying up to them.
    I would love to see a video featuring GB’s duplicity – eg showing him over and over saying no more boom and bust, interspersed with shots of all the newspaper headlines shouting house prices tripled etc, then house prices falling at record rate, repossessions soaring. What about background music -Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold? Hey Big Spender?

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  • Living in comunism for few years I can confirm that only capitalism can take the mankind further.

    Easy money is the problem and lack of transparancy. Do we know at an international scale what is going on in the banks accounts? PM is right here. Are people paying back to a bank money that does not even exist? How do we describe this? Can a bank lend money that it does not have? How does that sound? Should a bank pass the risk once it makes a loan? Is it safe? Would they care who they lend to?

    Capitalism and capital worked for America so far and some other countries by creating money but now because they are so developed money creation is going to create a lot of bubbles.

    Capitalism is still the solution but only if it creates value and not the previous “wealth” (bubbling)

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