Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As every one knew

Flats were built for a profit, not for living in

it appears flats are no use 4 social housing as they were not built for people.....just...for..err profit

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8 thoughts on “As every one knew

  • New Labours higher density policy. Another blunder!

    Builder’s built too many 1/2bed flats to comply with strict planning permission regs.

    Ok when the BTLer’s were buying low maintenance urban living stainless steel granite lined shoe boxes, but not when private buyer’s had a choice, or refused to live in them.

    You can’t polish a …….!

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  • (Lonnie Donegan)

    Now here’s a little story
    To tell it is a must
    About an unsung hero
    That moves away your dust
    Some people make a fortune
    Other’s earn a mint
    My old man don’t earn much
    In fact….he’s flippin’…..skint

    Oh, my old man’s a dustman
    He wears a dustman’s hat
    He wears cor blimey trousers
    And he lives in a council flat…..

    crunch-You tried spinning that one Labour? You can stick your urban regeneration lifestyle bull up your Brown cor blimey ar8ses!

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  • Builders built them – not NuLab. And ‘Investors’ bought to make a profit and failed – not my problem, keep my tax£’s away from these leeches.

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  • Missingteddybear says:

    I live in social housing in central London that’s scheduled for demolition. Being highest priority on choice based lettings until the replacement flats are built, I like most tenants are refusing to move to shoe-box new builds. My current block is derelict but the flat is huge for a one-bed with big balcony, seperate kitchen-diner (with plenty of room for a dining table), a living room large enough to divide into ‘home office’ and a lounge section, two massive storage cupboards and a double bedroom of good size. Ah… Parker Morris, what a good idea!

    What I find most comical in shoe boxes is ‘open-plan’ kitchens. If you see these in America or on the continent, it involves a kitchen and living room with no partition wall between the living area. In the UK it means a row of cupboards and a sink on one side of your living room (which they make no bigger when they squeeze this in)!

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  • 3. braindeed
    Nu Labour planted the seed.
    Look at how much revenue they made out of the sales and extra tax revenue.
    Don’t let them off the hook!

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  • Finding the bottom fast is what the glubberment will have to do if it wants any more tax revenue from house sales. Which might explain a lot.

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  • This is yet another reason why property listings should advertise the square footage and the price per square foot, as they do in America and in continental Europe. That would instantly reveal the foolishness of buying such pokey flats!

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  • Crashwatcher says:

    Funny – I dont remember Nu labor building lots of flats – thought that was Tory Voting property developers building them for the gullible generaly tory voting BTL brigade (you know the Tim nice but Dim types).

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