Saturday, February 28, 2009

The F-word goes mainstream

Housing market woes wipe out five years of property gains

To my knowledge this is the first article that talks about prices being five-year-on-five-year negative (though I must have missed some). Apart from that, it's just another rehash of the Nationwide press release.

Posted by mark wadsworth @ 08:49 AM (1542 views)
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4 thoughts on “The F-word goes mainstream

  • I’m sure the reason they mention 5 years mark is the fact the journos read here and have seen your and analytics posts.

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  • it_is_going_with_a_bang says:

    “in spite of lower interest rates that have made monthly mortgage payments more affordable”

    Thats the bit that I really don’t like. The apparent link between mortage interest payment and the shock that we as a country would not immediately go out there and start buying everything in sight and in doing so force prices to increase.

    Here’s an idea – lower house prices and lower monthly payments on interest and then we as a society can go and spend money on things other than loan repayments.

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  • @it_is_going_with_a_bang said…

    Like tulip bulbs?

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  • Bubbles. . . . says:

    Lets face the facts do we have to re-iterate the blindingly obvious.
    We have been on a typical labour inspired spending spree in which equal blame should be laid on the government and us!
    We have enjoyed the boom now we must suffer the bust.
    It was the same in 1945 when we borrowed the money to start the socialist state was continued by callahn and enthusiastically supported by sudo socialists such as heath, Major etc….
    The government will do anything repeat anything to become elected and stay in power, and we are just like the roman’s ” give us bread and circuses” dont worry about tommorow youve got our vote!
    Just like the Romans in the end civilisations decay and fall away as a result of the weaknesses of the people,

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