Thursday, February 26, 2009

New bank rescue plan called ‘exercise in futility’

Calm waters don't last long after Bernanke

Following behind Bernanke, economists and financial analysts appeared before Congress on Thursday expressing alarm that the bank bailout could be more expensive than the Fed or the Obama administration is admitting and might not even work as drawn up.

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3 thoughts on “New bank rescue plan called ‘exercise in futility’

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    I’m starting to fear for the American way of life. The government is so polluted by slimy political payoffs and crony capitalism that it’s paralyzed—every action hurts main street while preserving the wealthy’s status quo.

    Geitner and Bernanke held power throughout this meltdown—why would any believe they knew how to solve it? Throwing money to their rich buddies got us in to this, there’s no way it will get us out of it.

    Bush turned the country over to his obscenely rich buddies, and Reid and Pelosi make cake for the peons to eat while the rape and pillage continues. Is there anyone in govt and business with any brains?

    The economy won’t recover until the greedy, incompetent m***** who caused the problems are replaced. Fire Geitner, Bernanke, Pandit, Lewis, Waggoner and the rest of the worthless crony bunch. They’ve had their chances, and used them to destroy the economy.

    Thank the Lord I live in the UK.

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  • Oy James – watch out for them rubber necklaces!!!!! Bon Voyage ye cheeky monkey!!!!

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  • UK tax payers = 29 million
    UK bank bailouts = 1.3 trillion
    Therefore amount owed by each tax payer (so far) = £44 thousand.

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