Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Brown stuff from Brown

Brown wants science and technology to surpass financial services

Err, excuse me Mr Brown but just how are you going to 'invest' in science and technology without a healthy financial services sector and how are you going to 'commercialise' the results if the major governments of the world have poured all their citizens money and the proceeds of their future taxation into the very economic black hole you and you fellow conspirators created?

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5 thoughts on “More Brown stuff from Brown

  • What by sanctioning a report that says the whole rural community MIGHT get 2mb broadband by 2012.

    No more boom and bust
    No more naughty banks
    Science and technology at the forefront of the economy

    Can you see a pattern

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  • inflation is eating my savings says:

    Shining- there is something in this.
    It’s not about broadband. It’s about pharma and the feeder industries and public sectors. In terms of research output per dollar we kick ass. The US are hot air in terms of science. Big words and big egos. No substance. Especially on the West Coast.
    Crick was the brains- he used Watson to go and steal data from Rosalind Franklin.
    I’m not sure you can base a whole economy on this model, as Singapore are attempting as their shipping declines.

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  • shining wit says:

    inflation is eating my savings…

    I don’t doubt the importance of these industries, but any government who thinks that their ‘digital britain’ report was a big step forward doesn’t know its @rse from it’s DRM.

    Japan and parts of the far east have a humungous digital network and we can’t even get broadband (I mean proper broadband 10mb+) to not even remote parts of england and wales (gawd help scotland).

    The investemnts and knowledge needed to run science and technology businessesneed more than mickey mouse thinking and the usual plotical rhetoric.

    Look at the government floundering over getting medical records on the nhs network. Costed at £2.7 billion, and we’re at £12 billion plus, with no sign of completion.

    They are but fantasists.

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  • inflation is eating my savings says:

    Yes, the NHS does have this ability to soak up money. I think that centralisation projects often end up like this. Then they don’t work anyway!
    I’m a little bit of a luddite regarding broadband, so cannot fully appreciate your dismay. The Japanese also have, in your average hotel room, toilets with electric consoles controlling bidet jet angle, temperature and power (plus some other stuff I didn’t understand). For those meetings where complications simply cannot happen. I wonder sometimes if they are taking things a little too far.

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  • This isnt just about Broadband, after all BT want to roll out 100mb like Ebbsfleet to the whole country, The regulator wont let them. But this is more about new innovation, look at the only swimming pool insulation system in the world that can give out Energy saving grants. Sure there are “insulation” systems out they but they dont work. The building regs change in 2010 so pools have to be insulated, yet the pool industry are resistant to it. This was designed by 1 bloke who has a few GCSEs, funded this all himself and learnt everything himself, lobbied the Govt himself to change the building regs. These pools are so efficient even in British summers they can generate energy by acting as a huge solar cells! Thats science and technology for you and thats what is needed. Innovation in all walks of life.

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