Monday, February 9, 2009

Moody’s prediction – comments?

U.S. Housing Market May Bottom in 2009

U.S. home prices will reach bottom by the end of the year, concluding a slide that will have cut values 36 percent, Moody’s said today. “Notwithstanding the intensifying economic gloom, the bottom of the housing downturn is within sight,” chief economist Mark Zandi said in a statement today.

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4 thoughts on “Moody’s prediction – comments?

  • Credit leads money by a country mile,
    Said the ruling elite with a knowing smile,
    And they set their puppets to flooding the land,
    Putting easy money in everyone… Read more’s hand …

    Shop till you drop said the commander in thief,
    As he instilled in the marks a false belief,
    That Scamerica the beautiful could never fail,
    That there was no end to the credit trail …

    And Greenspan and Ben allayed the public fears,
    With their soothing calmness they greased the gears,
    That made their ruling elite’s coup bubble grow,
    This was after all not their first rodeo …

    They knew easy credit is just counterfeit money,
    And so they opened the spigots and let it flow like honey,
    As derivatives spread throughout the world’s financial halls,
    They soon had the world by the credit balls …

    The ruling elite now broadened their grin,
    The marks were fooled and could not see their sin,
    To consolidate power and eliminate the middle class,
    Eliminate population and have all kiss their ar*e

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  • Tighten,
    Swing the ax …

    And release,
    Remove some fleece …

    And dump,
    Kill off a chump …

    Inflate the bubble,
    Exhaust it slow,
    Billions of people,
    Starve with no dough …

    Bumbling idiots,
    Or clever elite?
    The marks never question,
    The truth at their feet …

    If you want to find,
    The cause of the trouble,
    You have to pop,
    The deception bubble …

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  • japanese uncle says:

    Tell this to the millions of workers who have lost or are losing jobs for the next few years.

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  • Is this the Moody’s of credit rating agency fame?

    Haven’t they been downgraded recently?

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