Sunday, February 1, 2009

Closer to home, Mandy finds a convenient scapegoat for Gordon

PM accused of inflaming workers row

As Gordon fans the flames by saying UK workers actions are 'indefensible' Lord Mandelson also steps in with the comments that protectionism is a "sure fire" way of turning the recession into a depression. So the 'workers' party are setting the stage to blame hard pressed UK citizens for their policy errors.

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4 thoughts on “Closer to home, Mandy finds a convenient scapegoat for Gordon

  • Gord & Mandy are seriously misjudging the mood of the nation……..seriously so….

    This government, has taxed them, discriminated against them, lied to them, wrecked their savings & pensions and are now destroying their jobs……and these 2 clowns expect them to just roll over and die?

    Talk about a winter of discontent……

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  • Out of touch – Out of order – And out to lunch! – Brown has, since he took over running the country, with no mandate and no votes, amongst other stupid mistakes:

    1. Bottled and early election, he may have won, he would have had 5 years to get us out of this mess and not have had to panic into decisions that are designed to try and get a recovery before May 2010 when he has to go to the country. I presonally think this will go down in history as one of the most expensive mistakes in British political history. And like Callahan in 1978 he will go down as a bottler and a political novice, even after 10 years in the wings.
    2. Forced the 42 days issue, losing the respect of a raft of backbenchers who he may have needed in the next 14 months, to carry bills that he needs to get through.
    3. Completely and utterly missed the impending doom of the sub-prime disaster in the US and the property collapse in the UK.
    3. Re-classified (personally) cannabis – Er like they just discovered skunk !

    Now he wants to take on the British workers who have quite simply had enough of stealth taxes, lies about WMDs and illegal wars, a bunch of lords who are on the make, oh yes, let’s not forget the paying for peerages stuff (who wouldn’t want to be in the lords, their earning a fortune) and now a recession and the dole queue awaits – How are 50% of these workers going to pay the mortgages and keep themselves and their families in negative equity for the next 10 years!

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  • The more people feel that the mainstream political parties really don’t give a stuff the more inclined they will be to turn to unions or the BNP or even religion in the hope these organizations will care.

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  • Also these protests are not about just getting extra pay like the last ones were, Gordon gave in to that one as he thought they’d probably be out of a job soon anyway. These protests are on a moral & ideological level so this is not going to be sorted overnight so i’d stock up on tins & petrol.

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