Friday, February 13, 2009

Brown under scrutiny

Brown Gets A Battering Over Banks

Gordon Brown gets gets his back up at his appearance before the commons liaison committee. Interesting reaction from Mr Brown when asked if the UK would go cap in hand to the IMF. The link needs flash.

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4 thoughts on “Brown under scrutiny

  • Well worth watching through it’s entirety to see the worm squirm, especially at the end where we see the great dictator go all squinty eyed leaning back and struggling to demean himself by answering the IMF question (at 4:28 in the clip).

    It’s enough to make a decent citizen vomit.

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  • I think this shows the absolute arrogance of the man.

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  • “Brown Gets A Battering Over Banks” – If only someone would cover Crash Gordon with a mix of flour/egg/milk and butter and place him in near boiling vegetable oil for several minutes – but I guess that’s tantamount to treason….

    …..I’d better make my way to the Tower of London first thing in the morning… soon as I shake off my inevitable cuffin hangover, I’ll be banging down the M1 and should make traitors gate by about 4 O’clock….

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  • check out the book, I just used my waterstones xmas voucher on it – very lucid eg

    ‘The dictionary defines a moron as a stupid person. I don’t think anyone reading this book will be left in any doubt that Gordon Brown, darling of the left wing, and widely acclaimed by the intellectually disadvantaged media proponents of fascism as a heavy weight political intellectual is a moron; a truly stupid person.

    Brown’s term as Chancellor will be remembered for poor decisions, extraordinary displays of ignorance, prejudice (that would surely have resulted in serious charges if exhibited by anyone outside the Government) and Soviet quality attempts at social engineering.

    In Gordon is a Moron I’ve explained how Brown’s stupidity and incompetence have weakened Britain for generations to come.

    If you share my horror at the lowering of quality and standards in public life you will, I suspect, also share my belief that no one exemplifies the lowering more dramatically than Gordon the Moron. I have tried to deal with Brown in an objective and academic way but I make no apologies if any of my contempt has seeped into my prose.

    What have we done to deserve public servants such as Brown?

    It must have been something pretty terrible.’

    here’s his website :

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