Monday, January 12, 2009

he said that the Government was leading the world in its reaction to dealing with the global downtur

Gordon Brown says he has 'plan' for economic downturn

He told GMTV: - - - - - "We have got a plan. It is pretty straightforward what we are trying to do. When the markets and private sector fail, and cannot invest properly in the economy, the only - 'person' - that can is us, the Government. "We are investing in the economy so that we can actually build up the economic activity, keep people in jobs, create more jobs and of course stop people being repossessed in their homes.

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4 thoughts on “he said that the Government was leading the world in its reaction to dealing with the global downtur

  • …………….”It’s a puppet”……………….

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  • it_is_going_with_a_bang says:

    Gordon always has an answer for everything – once again he is playing the ‘world’ card.

    Clearly we had an economy that was unsustainable. When he was being told so 2 + years ago all he could do was play the I am so great card – nothing will happen because his economy he created was stronger bla bla bla.
    Turns out we were right ( we being the the Brown non believers ) and he was wrong.
    His answer to this? The same I am leading the world cr4p.

    Please please please bring a general election to these shores so this dishonest virtual dictator can be disposed of.

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  • When we have a general election who will we get in place? The policies that have led us to where we are now are primarily those of laissez faire capitalism, especially light regulation of the banks. The origin of these dates back to 1979 and the Conservative govt. Will a new Cons govt turn about. I doubt this very much.

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  • new user 2007 says:

    And the banks have a working business model?! If anything, with his plans for toxic mortgage backed securities he is trying to get other banks to follow Northern Rock’s business model i.e. encouraging them to be even more reckless!

    Not to mention the fact that just to stand still they need some £700bn and this plan is to cover £100bn?

    As for subsidising employment. If I was an employer who was hiring anyway, I may now err on the side of taking on someone who has been unemployed for 6 months. I am unlikely to hire if I do not need to on the basis of this subsidy!

    We can now pay for BOTH VAT and this subsidy through higher income taxes. Great.

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