Thursday, January 8, 2009

Germany shows us how it’s done, again

Excrement, Insulation, Bike Paths Trim CO2 Emissions in Cities

"In East Berlin’s communist-era apartments, warm air used to seep through drafty walls. No more. A €2bn urban-renovation program paid for foam insulation, cutting energy use almost in half. The urban fund, also notable for turning human waste into biofuel, has helped the German capital trim emissions of climate-changing carbon dioxide 20 percent since 1990, according to city data. From Berlin to Vancouver cities are creating bike paths, making windows air-tight and building cleaner power plants. Berlin’s building codes were changed to encourage residents to fix up homes and live closer together in the inner city. New trams and bicycle paths were added." --- Any chance of Gordon Brown improving the UK's cold and damp housing stock with some foam and double-glazing?

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5 thoughts on “Germany shows us how it’s done, again

  • sold 2 rent 1 says:

    How cold will it have to get before the sheeple realise thast MMGW is a giant con?

    -20? -30? -40?
    These will be the temperatures for next winter in 2010.

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  • japanese uncle says:

    People have short memory. After having experienced just a couple of years of warmer than normal weather, they can easily be convinced MMGW is under way, given some tricky propaganda including the Inconvenient Truth. Again reasonable science education is a must for people to identify/appreciate their existence in spacial/chronological frameworks.

    Anyway German infrastructure is an envy of the world. UK is not bad at all, but cannot match, except for the council swimming pool.

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  • s2r1,
    I’m agnostic on MMGW. However I’m a big believer in saving money. If the UK’s housing stock was properly insulated then we’d all save on heating bills. It’s a simple win-win situation, but unfortunately as a nation we seem incapable of long-term planning.

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  • S2R1, Global Warming/MMGW doesn’t militate against climate extremes, such as the present cold snap, it’s about global mean temperature – which has been increasing year on year. That’s why scientists reject the ‘Global Warming’ tag, because people insist on pointing out that our summers aren’t like those of 1976 every year, and instead prefer the more accurate ‘climate change’.

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  • In 1994 the United Nations authored the Global Biodiversity Assessment, a massive 1,100 document that outlines a long-term plan to seize property on a global-scale. Among the recommendations are:

    “Representative areas of all major ecosystems in a region need to be strictly reserved, blocks should be as large as possible, buffer zones should be established around core areas, and corridors should connect these areas.” [Section]

    “Centralization of management requires mechanisms for law enforcement and control. Centralization can be important in protecting interests or minority interest in the sustainable management and use of natural resources that might otherwise succumb to pressures for rapid depletion.” [Section]

    “Property rights are not absolute and unchanging, but rather a complex, dynamic and shifting relationship between two or more parties over time.” [Section]

    “States have ‘police powers’ to control human activities in the general interest. Under these powers, laws and regulations may be enacted to prohibit or restrict specified activities, authorize them subject to permit, or require prior notification of proposed activities.” [Section]

    Within the document, the U.N. was kind enough to provide a detailed map of how much land within the United States they plan to seize. The map shows that more than 60% of land within the country will eventually be seized and designated off-limits to human activity, herding millions of Americans into compact cities:

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