Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ahwight Terence my son

Only the market can save us from the crisis

The country's first grocer gives us the benefit of his wisdom, only it's 25-year old wisdom from elsewhere: "For the best way to tackle many of today's challenges is to harness the dynamism of the market and the power of the consumer." Right on, Terry - that one hasn't been tried lately. 'Ere squire, your sprahts are lookin' a bit knackered. Gimme a paund o' them outofdates.

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3 thoughts on “Ahwight Terence my son

  • The trouble with the markets has been their total inability to do anything other than compete with themselves, pay themselves to much for doing nothing other than ruin the financial markets, and give too much credit to themsleves and subsequently us!

    There is/was no effective regulation, and as a consequence they are as responsible as the drug dealer who gives the junkie his final fix! Remember Crash Gordon has been in support of them regulating themselves. And the MPC singuarly failed to keep interest rates high enough to prevent the biggest property bubble in British history!

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  • “Siren voices, calling for ever more regulation and intervention, must be ignored. That way lies the rocks, and the reason is simple enough. The more we regulate business, and the more that a government spends, the greater the burdens on the private sector – companies of all sizes that employ many millions of people, and whose taxes pay for public services.”

    Strawman logic right there.

    In other words, “don’t legislate what we do or our eyes will have to be taken off the ball. Who needs a referee anyway?”. Regulation is the only way out because if there is one single lesson to be taken away from the current global financial crisis, it is that unfettered capitalism does not work. Loving the shipping metaphors there Tezza, but the fact is that a kraken has been created by bad navigation advice (skipper!) which will now threatens to consume everything in its wake.

    Regulation tends to take on a different connotation these days – that of meddling, but in truth, you regulate an engine to keep it running smoothly, so that it doesn’t break down in the way it has done.

    If Terry wants a metaphor he can understand, its like leaving the dog locked in the pantry with your groceries when you go on holiday. It will eat everything in sight, throw up, then die of starvation a few days later.

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  • The Princess Kirsty: “Crash Gordon is approaching!”

    The Emperor Merv-Ming the Merciless: “Later posh bird, I like to play with things a while before annihilation.”

    The Princess Kirsty: “Crash, Crash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the property market!”

    Crash Gordon: “D’nay worry chubby one, d’nay people of Britain, I have miwyuns and miwyuns of our great british pooonds, straight off the printing press and still warm, and a devilish plan to make the banking industry and the markets so traans-pearant that no-one can see through them anymore, they will start lending out these worthless bits of paper and be able to give you 500,000 of them for your tiny two bedroom terraced hoooses in swindon once more, and then we will flood the banks with bailooot after bailooot and save the country from annihilation and another 18 years of useless tory government by the end of trading on Friday!”

    The Princess Kirsty: “Look! Water is leaking from there eyes Crash?”

    The Emperor Merv-Ming the Merciless: “It’s what they call tears, it’s a sign of their weakness, they have no trust funds to rely on, no buy-to-let properties for their pensions, no fat TV presenter salaries and no pay-off from their over inflated city bonus culture jobs, they will be lying at our feet begging for crusts of bread before the day is over.”

    The Princess Kirsty: “Thank the lord they aren’t French or we really would be in the ****, f-na, f-naa, f-naaa!”

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