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The ‘D’ word.

November 15, 2008 President Bush Attends Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy

One of the things we did, we spent time talking about the actions that we have taken. The United States has taken some extraordinary measures. Those of you who have followed my career know that I'm a free market person -- until you're told that if you don't take decisive measures then it's conceivable that our country could go into a depression greater than the Great Depression’s. So my administration has taken significant measures to deal with a credit crisis. And then we worked with Congress to deal with the credit crisis, as well.

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2 thoughts on “The ‘D’ word.

  • One of the things we did, we spent time talking about the actions that we have taken.

    the people have moved on

    2. malct said…
    Persuasion principles

    Much of persuasion and other forms of changing minds is based on a relatively small number of principles. If you can understand the principles, then you can invent your own techniques. It thus makes sense to spend time to understand these principles (persuaded yet?).

    Alignment: When everything lines up, there are no contradictions to cause disagreement.
    Amplification: Make the important bits bigger and other bits smaller.
    Appeal: If asked nicely, we will follow the rules we have made for ourselves.
    Arousal: When I am aroused I am full engaged and hence more likely to pay attention.
    Association: Our thoughts are connected. Think one thing and the next is automatic.
    Assumption: Acting as if something is true often makes it true.
    Attention: Make sure they are listening before you try to sell them something.
    Authority: Use your authority and others will obey.
    Bonding: I will usually do what my friends ask of me, without negotiation.
    Closure: Close the door of thinking and the deal is done.
    Completion: We need to complete that which is started.
    Confidence: If I am confident, then you can be confident.
    Confusion: A drowning person will clutch at a straw. So will a confused one.
    Consistency: We like to maintain consistency between what we think, say and do.
    Contrast: We notice and decide by difference between two things, not absolute measures.
    Daring: If you dare me to do something, I daren’t not do it.
    Deception: Convincing by trickery.
    Dependence: If you are dependent on me, I can use this as a lever to persuade you.
    Distraction: If I distract your attention, I can then slip around your guard.
    Evidence: I cannot deny what I see with my own eyes.
    Exchange: if I do something for you, then you are obliged to do something for me.
    Experience: I cannot deny what I experience for myself.
    Fragmentation: Break up the problem into agreeable parts.
    Framing: Meaning depends on context. So control the context.
    Harmony: Go with the flow to build trust and create subtle shifts.
    Hurt and Rescue: Make them uncomfortable then throw them a rope.
    Interest: If I am interested then I will pay attention.
    Investment: If I have invested in something, I do not want to waste that investment.
    Involvement: Action leads to commitment.
    Logic: What makes sense must be true.
    Objectivity: Standing back decreases emotion and increases logic.
    Obligation: Creating a duty that must be discharged.
    Passion: Enthusiasm is catching.
    Perception: Perception is reality. So manage it.
    Pull: Create attraction that pulls people in.
    Push: I give you no option but to obey.
    Repetition: If something happens often enough, I will eventually be persuaded.
    Scarcity: I want now what I may not be able to get in the future.
    Similarity: We trust people who are like us or who are similar to people we like.
    Specificity: People fill in the gaps in vague statements.
    Substitution: Put them into the story.
    Surprise: When what happens is not what I expect, I must rethink my understanding.
    Tension: I will act to reduce the tension gaps I feel.
    Threat: If my deep needs are threatened, I will act to protect them.
    Trust: If I trust you, I will accept your truth and expose my vulnerabilities.
    Understanding: If I understand you, then I can interact more accurately with you.

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    3. down wave said…
    P4AC Re Your Topic yetsterday: Liberty is like jumping off a diving board? Can you take the exhilaration of
    freedom? Mises Media: Deflation and Liberty by: Jöörg Guido Hüülsmann

    You said: Downwave, if you ever get time, maybe plug some of your work here, I’d be interested to read some.

    Re: The Scale of Emotional Health. I place you (& also many of you here) high on this scale. In recognition of your
    prodigious input to provide us with information, if you can find a way to contact me so that I can be sure that it is
    you, I will be delighted to mail you gratis, my latest book. Link: USA
    and Canadian readers here should go to: or my site:

    Chapter 4: Seven Attributes of Power: Sub Headings:
    * The Scale Of Emotional Health * Negative – 5. Apathy, Despondency, Distress, Misery, Dissolution * Negative
    – 4. Anxiety, Sympathy, Appeasement, Grief, Fear * Negative – 3. Covert Manipulation, Concealed Hostility,
    Clandestine Malevolency * Negative – 2. Anger, Aggression, Delinquency, Insurgency * Negative – 1. Rejection,
    Condemnation, Contempt, Criticism, Antagonism * Neutral 0.0. Indifference, Boredom, Lethargy, Passiveness *
    Positive + 1. Conservatism, Preservation, Moderation, Independence, Discretion * Positive + 2. Enthusiasm,
    Appreciation, Eagerness, Recognition, Devotion * Positive + 3. Exhilaration, Rapture, Excitement, Vitality,
    Ambition * Positive + 4. Euphoria, Harmony, Triumph, Abundance, Coherence * Positive + 5. Serenity,
    Composure, Tolerance, Dominion Confidence * Using The Scale Of Emotional Health * A Graphological Profile
    Of A Minus Three Female * The Making Of An Emotional Healthy Adult * The Seven Deadly Sins v. The Seven
    Virtues * A Map Of The Human Psyche * Energy Attribute 1, Instinct * Energy Attribute 2, Passion * Energy
    Attribute 3, Intent * Energy Attribute 4, Compassion * Energy Attribute 5, Expression * Energy Attribute 6,
    Intuition * Energy Attribute 7, Wisdom * Emotional Health v. Attribute Activity * Domains Of Consciousness *
    Accomplished Independence * Basic Survival * Aggravated Conformity * Overwhelming Distress * The
    Attributes Within Relationships * Relationships Based On Positive Levels Of Emotional Health * Relationships
    Based On Negative Levels Of Emotional Health * Relationships Based On Negative and Positive Levels Of
    Emotional Health * Dyadic And Group Power * Your Interactive Emotional Level Of Health * Emotional Levels
    Of Health And Assemblage Point Locations * Bibliography, References And Follow-Up Reading

    Some readers here may remember quite some time back that 2 or 3 times I posted a link to a boomBust.pdf
    document entitled: Rule Britannia – Blair and Brown’s legacy for the United Kingdom drafted by me in 2003.

    Those of you that have seen this document will know today that almost everything on that document has come to
    pass. In 2003, I realised that all of us would be in deep trouble by 2008. And set about writing this book with
    support with 300 illustrations. Then I thought that many 100’s of thousands of individuals and families would, if
    not informed, be in great difficulties and I had the ethical responsibility to provide the knowledge so that they
    could find a way up into higher states of consciousness, well-being dignity, albeit even if they were in debt in a
    bankrupt country. Then, little did I know just how stark the real situation would be as it is today and the book too 4 years to put together, often working into the early hours.

    Most politicians, bankers, estate agents brokers, just to mention a few, are low on this scale and this is the exact
    cause of this global crash. Parliament, by and large is comprised of MP and ministers at levels minus -5, -4, -3, -2
    & -1. If you take an aggregate of 100 of our political leaders from any party, assign them a value according to
    their behavior, total the score, then work out the average, you will arrive at figure of minus -3. Minus 3 is
    the most populated level and here is the sub-heading from the book:

    >>>>>>>>>Negative Emotional Level -3.

    Key words: Covert Manipulation, Concealed Hostility, Clandestine Malevolency.

    This is probably the most populated chronic emotional level in these times.

    For the apathetic, naive, innocent, complacent and trusting, this is the most dangerous level on the scale.

    There is no one living or dead that has not been affected at some level. Commonly said, it is pointless to label
    Entities at this level as ‘Evil’, as it explains nothing and does not provide any clarification.

    Some Examples of Typical Activities of Individuals, Groups and Companies That Use -3 Strategies are.

    Terrorists, Dictators and Juntas.

    Organized Criminals, Murderers, Pedophiles, Rapists, Illegal Drug Dealers, Muggers, Burglars.

    Business Syndicates, Gang Leaders and Bullies.

    Fraudsters, Internet Spammers, Identity Thieves and Confidence Tricksters.

    Copyright, Intellectual Property Thieves and Plagiarists.

    Fake Designer Goods Manufactures and Retailers.

    Fencer’s and Retailers Of Stolen Property.

    Individuals at -3 Infiltrate All Walks of Life and Every Profession, Including.

    Governments, Councils, Politics, Corporations, Banking, Stock Brokerage, Real Estate and Mortgage Brokerage,
    Insurance, Legal Offices & Judiciary Chambers, Educational Institutions, Retailing.

    Home Improvement, Maintenance and Building Companies.

    Village, Community, Media and Internet Gossips.

    Journalists and Interviewers.

    Psychological, Psychiatric, Medical and Dental Professions.

    Alternative and Complementary Medicine Suppliers and Practices.

    Cults and Orthodox Religious Organizations.

    The great problem is, that it is extremely difficult to immediately assess that they are at level -3. Only time
    reveals this to individuals higher on the scale as their game strategy unfolds.

    Due to their low Assemblage Point location, those in levels -4, chronic grief, and, -5, chronic apathy never
    comprehend -3’s slyness.

    They always present a cheerful and “very nice” facade, often with a nervous laugh and constant smile.

    They appear calm, pleasant and resourceful.

    They seem to be sympathetically or morally concerned.

    But invariably start by politely asking probing personal questions about you, your work, your family and
    relationships, your sex life, your politics or your religion.

    Being cruel cowards, they are jealous and can be extremely dangerous.

    They are petrified of anyone in anger, level -2, and avoid altercations.

    They think they are specialists in manipulation, directly and indirectly via third parties.

    They engage in gossip readily.

    They have no qualms in concealing and mis-representing the facts.

    They manipulate situations for their own gain, without regard for others prosperity, health, or life. They will do it
    whenever, wherever and to whomever they can.

    When confronted they become indignant or they change the subject in order to move away from the point. They
    are always rewriting history or changing the truth about past events, to suit their current position. They will do
    and say anything to avoid exposure.

    Privately they are slothful and disorderly. In public, they can sometimes present themselves by appearing so nice,
    charming and helpful.

    Individuals and groups at this level employ the ‘drama triangle game’ of: persecutor, victim and rescuer, but are
    in fact themselves, covert persecutors.

    For the objectives that, they are too lazy or too fearful to undertake themselves, to assist or support their hidden
    hostile activities, they covertly manipulate individuals in levels, -4, and, -5.

    They achieve this by acting the role of the righteous wounded victim, manipulating their minions at -4, and, -5, to
    do their bidding. They appeal to their sympathetic rescuing script, to save them or their objective from a person
    or group that they portray as persecuting.

    Their targets are any individuals, families, groups, companies or nations that they consider more prosperous or
    more successful than themselves.

    They want everything both ways, they adopt, covet, steel and destroy what others have got, at the same time
    defaming them.

    They attempt to bring individuals, groups, corporations and nations down to chronic appeasement, chronic grief
    and chronic apathy.

    Frequently opening with a compliment, they then proceed to introvert people downwards by making them feel
    guilty, inadequate, diseased, worthless, fearful or damned.

    If you are the type that will not comply by dropping down to groveling appeasement or sympathy, they then, bad
    mouth you as a nasty person.

    They would like everyone on the planet at levels -4, and, -5, so they can feel important and powerful.

    When they are successful, the Assemblage Point location of their target victims, can drop down low.

    They have little time for children, unless they can use them as an opening or an excuse for manipulation towards
    their strategies of introverting others down into, -4, and, -5.

    Their unstated aim is to covertly cause ruin, discredit achievements and break up relationships. Property
    repossessions, recession, depression, poverty and bankruptcy can result.

    At this they can be very successful. When their victims go down into the lower chronic levels of -4 and -5, it
    allows them to play the caring rescuer, so others can see them as a helpful hero, when in actual fact they
    manufactured the problem.

    At this level they are subconsciously fearful of their limitations. They need to feel powerful and secure in their
    sexuality, so they suppress others, especially females, down into, sympathy, appeasement and apathy.

    Individuals at this level, occupying influential or powerful positions can instigate acts of terrorism and war.

    You cannot trust anyone at this level with your health, your money, your reputation, your safety, your husband,
    your wife, your children, your business, your company, your country or this planet.

    This Schematic, Illustrates, The Activities Of The Seven Power Attributes For Individuals at Level -3 on the

    With the -3, the attributes of passion and expression are overt and unprincipled. These Attributes are not
    moderated by wisdom, intuition and compassion. Their intent or determination is weak and this is the reason for
    their slothfulness. Their sexual insecurity is due to the weakness of wisdom, intuition and compassion.

    As -3’s are commonplace, almost at pandemic proportions, it is necessary to have a handling and management
    strategy to keep them at bay.<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Warfare > Principles of war

    In warfare, a number of driving principles can be derived which indicate basic ideas by which war is prosecuted.

    Confusion: Make it so they do not know which way to turn.
    Demoralization: Make it so they do not want to fight.
    Disabling: Removing enemy capability.
    Discipline: Train your troops.
    Division: Divide and conquer.
    Distraction: Make them look the other way.
    Fear: Make it so they are afraid to fight you.
    Generosity: Be kind to them so they are kind in return.
    Intelligence: The side that knows most wins.
    Overwhelm: Show and use far greater force.
    Provocation: Make them angry so they act impetuously.
    Sacrifice: Pay any price for success.
    Seamlessness: Present no chink in your armor.
    Speed: Be quicker than them. Be able to react fast.

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  • Whale Medical was established on 1 July 1988 with the assistance of a UK government grant. It was also supported by the Late Sir Emmanuel Kaye. CBE., and was incorporated in the November of 2001.
    Encyclopedia > Emmanuel Kaye
    Sir Emmanuel Kaye (d. 1999) was a millionaire British industrialist. He was also a member of the CBI council from 1976 to 1989, and its financial policy committee from 1985 to 1992. Once a strong supporter of the Conservative party, he was persuaded by Lord Levy to contribute substantially to Tony Blair’s Labour Leader’s Office Fund before the 1997 General Election. 1999 (MCMXCIX) was a common year starting on Friday, and was designated the International Year of Older Persons by the United Nations. … A millionaire is a person who has a net worth or wealth of more than one million United States dollars, euros, British pounds or units of a comparably valued currency. … CBI logo The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) was formed in 1965 and exists as a pressure group and a lobbying organisation for its members. … The new logo of the Conservative Party The Conservative Party is the largest centre right political party in the United Kingdom. … Michael Levy, Baron Levy is a millionare and a Labour member of the House of Lords, and a prominent figure in the Labour Friends of Israel. … Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953)[1], known as Tony Blair, is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service, Leader of the UK Labour Party, and Member of the UK Parliament for the constituency of Sedgefield in North… The Labour Leaders Office Fund was a blind trust established and run by Lord Levy to finance Tony Blairs work in opposition before the 1997 General Election. …

    2001 was an interesting year

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