Monday, November 3, 2008

And if British TV doesn’t have much in the way of considered political an

Bremner, Bird and Fortune: Silly Money

“I’m obsessed with Robert Peston,” says Bremner. “Even when I read my children stories at night I find myself drifting into his voice.” He adopts a strident wail, stressed in Peston-ishly eccentric places. “And ROUND the COR-ner of the CUUU-cumber frame came Mr Mac-GREG-or with a GIANT, one TRIIIILLION POUND bail-out…” Still, most MPs would probably rather be thought dull than be lampooned. Last year, Bremner called up Margaret Beckett, pretending to be Gordon Brown – and she fell for it. Bremner wasn’t allowed to broadcast the resultant tape, so he hasn’t attempted a similar ruse this time, he says. Then a thought strikes him. “I might ring up Robert Peston and give him a ‘bum steer’,” he says.

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3 thoughts on “And if British TV doesn’t have much in the way of considered political an

  • Money has never been more powerful. It has also never been less understood, even by those whose job it is to understand it. In the absence of an easy text that puts the pieces together, Bremner, Bird and Fortune have assembled a satirical look at a system which is at one and the same time, both astonishingly sophisticated, and astonishingly stupid.

    Silly Money explores the folly that has got us to where we are today to prove that while money makes the world go round, it also makes it go pear-shaped.


    Thu 06 Nov 08, 7.30pm – £10.00
    NEW – Media Talk: Predicting the Crash


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  • You know – I still point people at the Bird and Fortune sketches on the credit crunch if I want people to understand how it kicked off. Great stuff.

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    Awesome programme.

    Especially the bit where he mentioned a couple of hedge funds that had made zillions by betting on a credit collapse. He then pointed out that everybody is asking “Why didn’t our politicians see this coming?” to which he replied “These people did see it coming and we call them greedy b*****ds”.

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