Friday, October 24, 2008

Was Darling lying?

Transcript challenges UK position on Iceland

Was poor UK govt. also the final nail in the coffin for Icelandic banks? Was a run expedited by the actions and words of Alistar Darling and Gordon Brown? Brilliant, since Mandelson's return.anything that they do how ever bad seems to get a good press.

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3 thoughts on “Was Darling lying?

  • I find that our parimentains are all very scace with truth, facts and reality, truth is not their strong point as I having questioned them regarding solictors their lies and I only woke up when I realised that most of them were solicitors, or QC’s so it is undrstandable that they should look after each other even when the corrupt guilty, committed suicide ther peers say ( there terminoligy)( He died) having been found to have obtained £2.000.000 of fraud after he ruined me my health business and lost all of my assetts taxis Buses and most of all my health through ten years of court process unassisted, so. Alister Darling Gordon Brown and Mandelson and all the rest will and in the future be looking after number One (with Lies and duplicity) does that answer the question(Did AD Lie.

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  • waiting patiently says:

    I think that it is about time that Brown and Darling eloped into the sunset, never to be seen or heard of again. We can then rebuild what they have destroyed.

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  • dohousescrashinthewoods says:

    know Darting can be lambasted as a bit of a twit in the media, but of all that rotten bunch of clown-faced truth-killers at the top, he seems to have at least a shred of integrity – after all, he was the one who came out and said this is going to be the worst downturn for 60 years.

    He was quickly savaged into silence and I imagine he is given orders to say certain things (presumably with threats and torture) but I have to say, he gets more respect from me than the Jacquette Mandelbrown flexitruth melee.

    Can you imagine a government that specialised in accuracy, transparency and forthrightness? Open, straightforward statistics that don’t have press and public thrashing around tortuously to find some level ground, or at least a motive for distortion? Can you imagine how many thousands of hours of productive time are wasted in evaluating unreliable information? My goodness, if we had but a dash of humility, and a renouncement of self-interest, the world might be in danger of progress!

    I don’t even think this sham benefits them in the long-run. I mean, doesn’t matter how rich you are, if you are working 24/7 to keep the plates spinning, with the entire nation baying for your blood and you can’t sleep for remembering the things you have done, that’s your contentment stone dead. Why bother if it’s going to make you lonely, fearful, exhausted, bitter and remorseful? I mean surelt it’s not hard to see the bigger picture?

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