Sunday, October 19, 2008

Labour Government in Repossession drive through local partnership deal

Credit crisis robs Scots of homes

Just hand the keys Back and go and work in a beach bar in Thailand

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9 thoughts on “Labour Government in Repossession drive through local partnership deal

  • Not sure what difference it makes what part of the UK you are in. Looks to me that the nationalists are trying to make a special case, especially considering “their” banks RBS and HBOS are at the centre of the banks troubles. My view is “get over it” they are UK companies and stopped being Scottish when the are floated on the stock exchange and anyone could get a stake in it.

    This article does put one thing to bed. The notion that scotland wasn’t going to be hit as hard as anywhere else by the HPC. Appears to me that, like Northern Ireland, there ahs been a massive increase in property prices without the economy to support it. I suspect the nationalists are going to lose a good deal of ground as the financial crisis worsens and they realise that the union is simply a vehicle to make people over the border poorer or any other aspect of their limited arguments.

    The people of England can generally, make exactly the same arguments that scotland makes about england, just transpose London for england.

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  • and the title “Credit crisis robs Scots of homes” is just more jingoistic nonsense that those sasanack over the border have stolen are money. What absolute tosh.

    You either bought homes you couldn’t afford or they didn’t go up[ as much as you wanted. Sounds like the rest of the UK to me.

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  • last_days_of_disco says:


    Sasanach swine ;-).

    The headline should read:

    “Loony left Labour masquerading as sensible people re-nationalize Scottish houses”

    Anyway nooneo, you should be rejoicing, this is one in the eye for all us “Thatcherites”. 😀

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  • little professor says:

    But, but, but, I thought it was different in Scotland, and they were immune to the credit crunch and housing slump……

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  • In other news the government exhibted some dangerous signs of embryonic intelligence by realising that people are not homeowners in isolation and the majority work for businesses.

    The moment passed without significant incident.

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  • last_days_of_disco @ 3

    “Anyway nooneo, you should be rejoicing, this is one in the eye for all us “Thatcherites”.”

    I’m not rejoicing because I alwasy knew that “Thacherism” like socialism, and almost all idealogies, they are bereft of pragamatism. I have long known that if you follow ANY idealogy to it’s logical conclusion you always end up completely in the dark.

    That is because you always end up with your head stuck firmly up your own @rse.

    One of the happiest days I have had in the last 2 or 3 years is when I discovered that the evil witch was losing her marbles. I personally can’t wait for the bitch to die so I can finally dance down the street as I have been waiting for nearly 30 years now !

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  • last_days_of_disco says:


    I was intentionally bating you. I have no feelings either way about Thatcher. The one thing she did was give people their houses.
    The socialists hated that move more than anything else because their doctrine says that the middle class are the enemy (you know,
    our buddy Lenin and co).

    Now they have managed to engineer the thing they wanted, to get everyone on the state teat. This is why I loathe this government.
    The are obsessive control freaks and will use any means necessary to dictate every detail of your life.

    Just having grief trying to get a CRB application through. I have had it in the past and I was fine, but it expired and now on reapplying its taking six months to process. In the meanwhile, the voluntary organization has to wait. Their meddling destroys private initiative, which is *exactly* the outcome the radical socialists want. Private initiative is bad because you could be doing something wrong. Its
    completely un-British and I can’t wait for these losers to be crushed at the next election I hope they lose their deposit in most seats.

    CRB we are told is supposed to “protect the vulnerable” but now hey presto its just another tax, surprise surprise. And I bet they are
    using it to actually muck up the lives of people they don’t agree with, its just makes me sooooo angry.

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  • Last days of disco.

    The socialists had already given the people council houses. All Thatcher did was sell them the homes they already lived in. I loathe this government, they are a crass version of the Thatcherite dream. They are not socialists, they are social engineers. Getting rid of social housing has made this whole property madness worse. Brilliant.

    The trouble with this country, in my opinion, is that both the tory and the labour parties seem entrenched in unrealistic dogma. Thatcher wanted to get rid of council houses and remove power from the councils. Why ! The silly witch thought that the private sector could do everything. This was plainly both stupid and wrong. Niave in the extreme.

    The socialists believed their marxist mumbo jumbo, about the middle classes being enemies and ruined the private sector in this country with their extremely niave belief that they could run businesses better than the previous owners (who were also crap).

    Between the two of these bunch of trough feeders, they have ruined this country. First one way and then back again. They are both to blame. The political arena in this country is completly fooked because they both had the oppurtunity to do something other than what they actually did. The socialists were reacting to generations of our leaders (tories and liberals) singularly failing to provide anything other than a hand to mouth existance for the majority of the population and then the socialists p!ssed the wealth up the wall by thinking a bunch of [email protected] who worked in the lower levels of a business (and the unions) could actually do a better job than someone whose concern was the survival and competitiveness of the business.

    What we have ended up with is a crook economy, socially engineered by both of them, without a real manufacturing base, coal mines destroyed because Maggy hated the unions, wapping (remember wapping) because the unions wouldn’t admit that one man with a computer could do the job of ten typesetters, no ship building, no energy policy, we’ve spunked all our oil away, the welfare state, rather than being a lifeline, has become, for generations of families in some cases, a way of life.

    I too hope this bunch of knobs are crushed at the next general election, but they will almost certainly be replaced by another bunch of knobs that will continue destroying the place for their own ends.

    All this b0ll0cks about socialism and capitalism and the rest is just not helpful anymore. The tories couldn’t destroy the NHS (god nows they tried) that didn’t make them socialists. They did try and destroy social housing and looks where it has got us. The didn’t take apart the welfare state, they still were not socialists. The labour party relaxed banking regulation, that didn’t make them capitalists. They are all just so crap at actually achieving anything other than a few tinkerings around the edge of society, whilst actually destroying the core.

    The only trouble with getting shot of Crash Gordon and the incompetant morons in our present government, is that they will be replaced by just as big a bunch of tossers, who will try just as hard, to milk the property market and economy, to guarantee themselves at least one more shoe-in in the following general election.

    Remember Cameron and Co (can’t remember which knob was leading them back then) backed the Iraq War, they had the perfect oppurtunity to actually take this bunch of idiots out with the vast majority of the population vehemently opposed to the war and they didn’t. They didn’t want to appear “soft” and we actually made Iraq a worse country (than under a dictator) and a breading ground fo the torrorism they were trying to prevent. Laughable.

    The trouble with the Labour party is that they have been slightly better than the tories that preceeded them. remember clause 28. Remember the poll tax, Remember the miners strike (billions of pounds lost in some of the best coal mines in western europe flooded because the tories wanted a fight), Remember the SUS laws, Remember the war in Northern Ireland lasting 15 years longer than it needed to. Remember the whole communities destroyed because they didn’t fit into Thatcher’s capilitist thinking. Remember “there is no society, just a load of individuals” dangerous idealogical clap-trap. I personally can’t wait till the f-in witch is dead.

    last_days_of_disco don’t hold your breath thinking the next Tory government are going to do any better, it’s just not in their make-up !

    With regards to CRB stuff. The Tories will just runwith all the regulations the blubbermint have implemented and try and control us, just the same.

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  • Oh dear…….think my third can of St Ella’s just kicked in !

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