Saturday, October 18, 2008

homelessness since the foreclosure crisis — now at 10,000 homes per week

ECONOMY-US: No Joy in Hooverville

With a massive spike in the number of foreclosures and evictions over the past two years, communities throughout the U.S. have witnessed the sprouting of tent cities -- many of them home to once middle-class citizens fallen victim to the economic downturn. Encampments have formed in or near large urban areas including Reno, Los Angeles, Chattanooga, Columbus, St. Petersburg, Seattle and Portland. The phenomenon is similar to the social upheavals of the Great Depression of the 1930s -- an era frequently referenced these days -- when "Hooverville" ad-hoc shanty towns, some as big as 15,000 people, were erected around the country, named after the president at the time, Herbert Hoover.

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One thought on “homelessness since the foreclosure crisis — now at 10,000 homes per week

  • Affordablehousing says:

    In the article, ‘Stoops’ says, (who the hell stoops is!!?)
    “In most tent cities, there are certain rules — like for instance no drugs, no alcohol and no violence,”
    There you have it then!, the solution to America’s drug, alcohol and violence problem, turf ’em out their houses into tent cities.

    They still haven’t worked out that it’s the hard @rsed forclosures that is exasperating the problem, depressing the housing market, causing a chain effect that has ‘infected’ the financial World.
    Had their government gone against their ‘sink or swim’ mentality and helped these people out to start with, they wouldn’t be homeless and THEIR sub-prime housing disaster would have been localised ‘in house’.

    They would have taken a bigger hit themselves instead of craftily dissipating the effect onto everyone else.
    Trouble is, the World isn’t as big as they thought, the shock waves have smashed into our financial institutions, like a tsunami, wrecking many and all, and has resonated straight back at them in a diverse magnified effect.

    It really is time for the yanks to learn to hold a hanky up to their noses when they do sneeze. They need telling this, as a parent would do it’s child.
    Our child, our rebelious wayward child, THE CHILD OF BRITAIN.

    As brown keeps saying, this is their fault, either they lighten their hearts or they will all go down into the 2nd World depression, and we’ll all go with them.
    For the hundreds of thousands of people mentioned in the ‘tent city’ article they are already a part of the 2nd World depression.

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