Monday, October 13, 2008

BTL new build flats lead hpc Charge of the Light Brigade

House prices: the 10 worst performing streets

Nowhere in the country has been immune from the housing market slump, but owners of city centre flats are suffering more than most, according to research by property website A survey indicating the 10 streets in England and Wales with the biggest annual falls in property prices is dominated by those full of new-build flats. These were snapped up by buy-to-let investors in the boom years who have since tried to sell up.

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5 thoughts on “BTL new build flats lead hpc Charge of the Light Brigade

  • Absolutely no brainer this one:

    Downing Street

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  • Why?
    Are we being taxed into poverty ?
    Are our children being left with debts and deficits ?
    Is our purchasing power being taken by inflation ?
    Are our businesses being plundered by booms and busts ?
    Are our assets and cash being eaten by usurious banking ?
    Are politicians and bankers lusting for ‘new’ constitutions ?

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  • nooneo @1.

    Absolutely brilliant – you’ve made my day!

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  • Shouldnt this be called the best ten performing streets?

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  • malct @ 2…

    Why you say.

    In my honest opinion it is because of our politiical environment and it’s extreme nature.

    We have had ying and yang extreme right wing and extreme left wing politics since WW2. This isn’t the “extreme” politics that people expect but the subversive stuff the 2 main parties have peddled for 60 years.

    The Conservative party resisted, at all costs, establishing any environment that would actually make the general population better off. The would no more feed the poor or establish any welfare system that would support virtually starving and homeless people and families because they wanted the status quo to remain. An orderly upper class, a reasonable size middle class, and a massive amount of “canon fodder” to grease the wheels of their world.

    The Labour party tried to transform the world with their idiot marxist principles that could never work because marxism is basically an idealogy that cannot function unless the whole world is marxist and wants to be. The function of the state, under labour, is to enable (and still is), enable the people through intervention within the financial and industrial systems to pursue their aims. Far from establishing valid institutions and organisation like the NHS and basic welfare, they ran with their whole idealogy and bought everything just because they were appearing to fail, and to appease their powerbase, the unions.

    Labour nationalised everything (nearly), and through it’s nationisation predeeded to waste what were OK businesses so that they could pursue their idealogical aims to run things “by the people, for the people”. The fundemental flaw in this doctrine is that it simply doesn’t work.

    Businesses must survive with independence, otherwise their survival is compromised by decision making that has too many other factors than the best interests of the business.

    The Conservatives wasted fundementally good business oppurtunities (coal) because they couldn’t stand people power.

    Car Industries

    The list is massive. Now the Labour party thinks they can run the banks. The COnservatives deregulated , sold wasted and fooked with everything for 18 years and the financial system was allowed to build a credit bubble that the New Labour t)ssers simply continued the crap system, desperate for power, they milked the cash cow that is easy credit, ramping property fiascos and the desire to “make a change” actually blinded them to what 18 years of Thatcher had actually done.

    In my view, because we have a crap party system, they hide a plethora of extreme individuals within them that would otherwise be communists or fascists.

    Don’t vote for these parasites, it just encourages them.

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