Wednesday, September 24, 2008

‘No time for a novice,’ warns Labour leader

Brown promises stability in a turbulent world

Agreed. Bye.

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6 thoughts on “‘No time for a novice,’ warns Labour leader

  • Equally, no time for an incompetant.

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  • It would appear that “City Boys” or “Bankers” (as described by hacks who don’t understand the City) have become the convenient scape goats
    in all this mess. The politicians have picked up on the fact that the same stupid masses who took out massive mortgages they can’t afford are
    now looking for someone to blame, and who better than all those big bonus City “bankers”.

    Utter rubbish of course, but I suppose if you can convince a nation of dummies that property is a one way bet, they’ll easily accept that the
    “bankers” are the villains in this.

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  • Eternal Sceptic says:

    After seeing where the experts have led us, I would say a complete novice would have to be an outstanding failure to do any worse.

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  • This utter band of charlatans and spivs (The Labour Government) seem to think that everyone but themselves are to blame.

    MPC – They decide the interest rates so they must be to blame if the rate is too high or low.
    FSA – Any bank that is in trouble is the fault of the FSA for failing to realise this.
    Bankers and city boys – They make the money they must be to blame for the financial mess
    The credit crunch – Everything would’ve been fine without the US sub-prime market. B0ll0cks. Our property prices were at least 50% too high and you could get a credit card if you had no work record or were basically unemployed!

    I see that that over religous pompous [email protected], Ruth Kelly has finally left the blubbermint after fleecing us for nearly 11 years as a minister whilst miraculously bringing up 4 children (all born when she was a minister – wow that must’ve been one hell of a wack of maternity pay!)

    Our economic miracle that Gordon Brown has given us is simply a debt mountain that is going to take 10 years to pay back. By the time early may 2010 comes along we will have 3 million unemployed, house prices will have dropped by well over 30% and the people of this country will start to rip each other to pieces as the scurge of poverty starts effecting them in every town and city.

    But don’t worry Crash Gordon is going to give all the workshy and unwashed a computer with internet access and you can dump you 2 year old at nursery/day care and go off to your minimum wage job for the day!

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  • This country deserves everything it gets. Anyone who voted for a party which claimed to be the architects of our greatest period of prosperity whilst all it was doing was allowing people to buy things on credit is clearly stupid. Why is it “no time for a novice”? A lot of novices saw this coming – And don’t blame it on “global problems”. It will be worse here than anywhere else because we have more debt. We borrowed more so we owe more. Which bit of that couldn’t a novice handle?

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  • nooneo I get tired of the massaged figures for unemployment. Under Thatcher unemployment was more than 3,000,000 and a very hot potatoe so the government introduced all sort of schemes to reduce this headline figure including various youth training schemes but one of the most long lasting was to encourage the long term unemployed to sign of sick. They got £10 extra a week and the government got less grief for high unemployment. Typical reasons to be signed off included stress, depression neck and back ache etc. As a result of this the numbers of people signed off sick went from about 600,000 to its current level of 2,600,000. Assuming there has not been a colapse in public health this means that approximately 2,000,000 are signed off who would once have been regarded as fit and available for work. Given the current recorded level of unemployment of about 1,600,000 the real figure would therefore be closer to 3,500,000!

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