Monday, September 15, 2008

don’t expect Washington to take this lying down

America 's Financial Apocalypse Heralds Decade Long Depression

President Bush's attempts at a recovery have been so horrendous they've actually led to the current recession, which will turn out to be the worst in decades. I would venture to guess he is desperately pleading with officials to come up with even more gimmicks to hide the full realities of the economy so the worst will be reported only after he leaves office. It's highly unlikely the rest of the world will be able to escape the pain caused by Washington 's Three Stooges because the dollar-oil link is used to hold every nation financial hostage. China will feel the effects as will India ; and yes, even Brazil . Unlike America 's fate, these developing nations will mount a full recovery. But don't expect Washington to take this lying down. In fact, it might eventually lead to a major -

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3 thoughts on “don’t expect Washington to take this lying down

  • Article was written by a Bear – see the books he has published. The end is nigh.

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  • I can remember quite some time ago malct and some others posting the US upcoming crisis and getting lambasted for doing so.
    To date every warning has proved to be accurate and further warnings are materialising in front of us.
    The relevance of the US financial system and its politics cannot be over-estimated,and indeed these postings certainly widened my appreciation of HPC and it’s underlying problems.
    This is another excellent article and worth taking absolute note of. We seem to be in the midst of enormous events and I’m not sure if this is something to feel enlightened about,but at least having some of the fore-knowledge these articles provide, lessens the shock.

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  • planning4acrash says:

    The old bears are looking conservative now. Nobody saw things going this fast. I thought we’d be at this point January next year. Glad its happening prior to American elections, but hey, the candidates, except 3rd party still refuse to discuss the economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And still state that Islamic (t)errorism is the biggest threat! Even tho Al(cia)da is run by the CIA and Mossad, amongst others.

    , by the way, third parties are barred from the debates, by the debates commission, chaired by, guess who, the two party dictatorship! This was an act by Clinton, after a third party got close on 10% of the votes. Prior to that, the debates were run by an independent society. Total lack of transparency!

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