Monday, August 11, 2008

Swept Under the Carpet?

The Balance Sheet Lies of Merrill Lynch and Wall Street's Failing Cabal

"The Fed, Treasury, FASB, major banks and investment firms are colluding to delay the recording of losses as long as possible. The Fed is allowing toxic waste investments to be exchanged for Treasury notes. The Treasury Department will step in and buy the stock of Fannie & Freddie. The FASB will delay implementing rules that would actually let investors know the risk of these financial institutions. The banks will shift as many assets to Level 3 (management evaluated) as possible, to falsely value them, in order to delay the inevitable write-offs". Everyone will speak optimistically about the future in order to pump their stock prices up. Then they will try to lure more unsuspecting foreign Sovereign Wealth Funds to pour more money down this never ending hole.

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4 thoughts on “Swept Under the Carpet?

  • “James Quinn is Senior Director of Strategic Planning, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.”


    I wanted to dismiss this as a conspiracist’s rantings but now I’m not so sure. Certainly everything he says is correct. The question is whether the conclusion is valid. The evidence is overwhelming, isn’t it?

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  • @ Paul,

    I thought the same. I posted it because the mainstream press wouldn’t put out an article with these conclusions – it would upset too many people.

    I weighed the evidence before posting it. The FASB are moving far too slowly for a problem of this magnitude. I’ve seen this scenario once before – that’s why I use this site.

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:

    At last, some people are waking up.

    What is happening has been planned along time ago.
    The masses will only figure it out once the robbery is complete

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  • And in whose interest is this strategy being implemented? Is Paulson et al doing this to save the American people through trying to stop the collapse of the entire banking system? Or are they deliberately siphoning off more and more money to personally enrich themselves? Or are their actions designed to create as big a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ as possible to bring the entire US economy to its knees?
    Now the sovereign wealth funds must KNOW this? Surely? They have access to the same info we do, so some of them must be in on it?
    And yet the Dow keeps on rising currently (albeit way off its previous highs), and the dollar strengthening – I mean, WTF is going on?! This is clearly the smoking gun showing how the financial markets are rigged, as were the housing markets here in the UK. With War in Georgia, Oil is falling – pure manipulation folks, designed to keep us compliant. But when ‘they’ do decide to pull the plug, and they will, …..
    So well done, some of you are actually waking up to what’s happening, and how clever they have been in the past by labelling any dissenting voice with the ‘C’ word! The only conspiracy is that of reality – think about it.

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