Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just when would you like to start World War 4 ?

A catastrophe in the making

"The Russians believe that the interceptors have nothing to do with Iran but are part of a Western defensive shield that could one day make the Kremlin’s huge stockpile of ballistic missiles obsolete." ... "the Polish move, and the Russian threat, provide the clearest evidence yet that the six-day Georgian war has spread to Eastern Europe’s ancient fault-lines." WW3 was the cold war. WW4 will be the economic war, - but defined by national intervention.

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7 thoughts on “Just when would you like to start World War 4 ?

  • See also BP prepares itself for battles with Russian oligarchs

    The interesting bit here is just why this has all flared up right now. Yes it was inevitable that the Russians might trigger a flashpoint in Georgia by supporting separatist regions, nothing new there. Yes the USA was sooner or later going put defensive missiles in Poland, but the response is a bit overkill suggesting a Nuclear Strike (bit like “oh that’s interesting, shall we have a go truing out the defences, and if {or when} they fail, “Got you, they didn’t have a warhead anyway.”). You know it’s our oil and we are going to re-nationalise it so push off BP, etc. Heads we win, Tails you lose – scenario.

    1) What repercussions would be expected?
    2) At what point in the past did the Russians expect to get away with any (serious) repercussions?

    1a) Well, the repercussions are obviously not (i) military, (ii) cold war, (iii) political. None of these are either expected or realistic in today’s society. It’s basically independent traders, that’s you and me, and anyone else involved in any form of commercial dealing. This will be far more long term and damaging than anything that any government or military can or will do.
    2a) Now, this is really interesting, when in the past did the Russians expect to “get away with it”. Probably about 5 or 10 years ago, but in reality it is about 10 or 15 years ago.

    This says more about the Russian miscalculation and bravado than anything else.

    So back to the original question “When would you like to start WW4?”. Well, they have just started it haven’t they. If it was not obvious when the BP trouble flared up, it is now. Unfortunately the Russians do not know that they have started WW4 (or given the keyboard we use in uk, “WW$” when the caps shift is held down too long.)

    It’s ?possibly? time to batten down the hatches and prepare for sustained inflation and interest rates.

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  • Agreed fahrenheit, this is turning out to be a major financial/economic war. The weapons being the guarantee or stimulus if you like.
    The Russians have not been sitting on their backsides over the last decade or so. They have played the financial game and are no doubt expert in what they they are doing,taking into account they are extremely intelligent and disciplined. They also have vast amounts of raw materials and the technology to match.
    We have our homes and oh yes! Hollywood to educate and inspire us. We are about to lose a good proportion of our homes. Our leaders are the opposite of the Russian equivalent. Our leaders are gutless,clueless,openly immoral and totally selfish toward their own monetary gain.
    Our education has reached a level of despair only matched by our anti-social behaviour.
    We have been led by our own leaderships to the brink of financial and social calamity. This has weakened us to the extent that it is us who are more likely to resort to weapons (and are in fact doing so) as leverage to cure our financial disaster.
    HPC is the physical effect on the general population but it carries a huge weight on it’s shoulders in it’s social effect.

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  • Military tacticians are you?

    Who is to define what is an over-reaction? If you put something in place that makes my firepower obselete then I WILL strike you before it becomes obselete, because you leave me with no choice, and with whatever measures are necessary to win.

    That seems pretty straight forward to me. It is a precise and definate calculation in my opinion.

    Hopefully it is not the same set of heads that were performing calculations and thinking the credit situation was fine.

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  • The Russians launched ICBM tests and all kinds of stuff whilst everybody pushed past them in the corridor …

    .. then they thought “WTF? back in the good old days all you needed to do was raise an eyebrow to send a message. These Westerners are asleep at the wheel. Maybe they are all equity traders now.”

    China knocked out a satellite with no pre-warning.

    Threatens?? Warns?? Isolate??

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  • Oh and finally .. obselete(?) .. come on.. that is just the shit they are showing to you.

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  • What do “defensive” (lol) missiles in Poland have to do with Iran, apart from absolutely nothing? Everyone knows that the Iranians would be obliterated were they so much as to fire with a peashooter across their boarder.

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  • Whiteknight has it spot on who knows what technology each side has that we the public know nothing about.

    The Americans could always offer the technology to the Russians and then you have a level playing field again.

    The Americans are making leaps and bounds in the area of anti missile technology, they are having too due to the threat from Iran that it will close the gulf
    by stationing supersonic cruise missile batteries at the choke point.

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