Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Price a House in Scotland?

Could Mr Brown be the last Prime Minister of Great Britain?

"However, the feverish discussions of Gordon Brown's political health which have dominated the airwaves over the past 24 hours have obscured a matter of much more enduring significance: whether or not the United Kingdom itself can survive beyond the next General Election." To prevent this a lot of money would have to be diverted North of the border, via tax. And would Scotland then take the Euro by default? All this confusion when house prices possibly reach a trough.

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4 thoughts on “What Price a House in Scotland?

  • It would be a shame if Scotland joins the euro. I didn’t realize the money was different until I used a cash machine in Edinburgh and got Robert the Bruce instead of the Queen. It looks better. Although a few foreign takeaways in London would not accept them! They thought it was funny money.

    I agree with Scottish independence. Although, we might want to move our nuclear submarines further downstream of the island before this happens!

    On a more serious note, Edinburgh should not answer to London, and London should not answer to Brussels, but I won’t get carried away on that.

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  • Firstly : It doesn’t matter a jot who is Labour leader to the Scottish electorate. GB is just the face of a rotten party to most North of the Border. Better to put trust in their own Nationalist party than look for better in the other usual suspects.

    Secondly: Independence was made entirely plausible by the eagerness of UK government to recognise other European States’ claims to Independence without a second thought. Lots more want independence. Now they will reap the rewards.

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  • England has enough to worry about without the Jocks. The whole UK thing is absurd as is the Queens face on Canadian currency and the Union Jack on the Aussie flag. Just sources of embarassment-like maybe my spelling of embar-oh I give up. Was I right first time?

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  • ohhhh the oracle of truth the ‘daily mail’……… its bound to be true then…..

    Never going to happen….. The UK needs the oil revenue from Scotland.

    The majority of fossil fuels which belong to the UK, technically actually belong to Scotland. If the UK lost Scotland, then the UK would be bankrupt the NEXT day.

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