Friday, July 18, 2008

A ‘running mate’ for Ron Paul

Bunning: The Fed, GSEs and Socialism

The Fed is asking for more power. But the Fed has proven they can not be trusted with the power they have. They get it wrong, do not use it, or stretch it further than it was ever supposed to go. Their monetary policy is a leading cause of the mess we are in…

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8 thoughts on “A ‘running mate’ for Ron Paul

  • planning4acrash says:

    Ron aint runnin! He’s been flying the flag long enough, and is focussing on educating people via

    The new flag holder is the Libertarian, Bob Barr:

    Cripes, I wish we had politicians like them. The Parliamentary system really does squeeze out independents.

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:


    McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare
    Views: 3,011,754 (massive)

    Ron Paul is still a Republican. So what happens when McCain’s campaign implodes?
    This is the “fifth night” destruction, remember.
    Anything can happen.

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  • Planning4acrash says:

    Obama is worse, his charisma means that he can get more done. He is off to Bohemian Grove this week by the way. Part of the same clan.

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  • p4ac from unfinished from yesterday –

    4. planning4acrash said…
    Very inciteful Malct. So, a world dominated by corporations will develop a psychopathic rule of law. Presumably, the people, led by ethics, would produce the opposite. If that is the case, the ethics s2r talks of would be the embodyment of people asserting themselves, manifested in a new ethical, human led legal system.

    Thursday, July 17, 2008 08:07PM

    Not quite, how about a world dominated by psychopaths (an identifiable sub group of humans) has used the rule of law to develope corporations that an identifiable psychopathic structure. Corporations are then used to impose asocial structure which is alien to most human ethics.

    re s2r1’s ethical stuff, try this :-


    Monday August 4th 2008, 6.30 – 8.30pm With Simon Peter Fuller

    As the prophecies of the “Last Days” & “End Times” now come into fulfillment and with some 90% of humanity sleepwalking into chaos:

    1) Are you aware of just what is involved in the great changes now upon us at spiritual, social, political and economic levels?

    2) Do you understand the battle for control of humanity and the planet by the “shadow forces” that comprise the negative side of the dualistic spectrum in which we currently live?
    The battle between love & fear – heart & head!.

    3) Can you see the wider cosmic context in which the present drama on Earth is set and why we have incarnated at this critical juncture as “midwives helping to birth a new dimension”?

    Simon Peter will seek to bring understanding to these issues in the most challenging and complex
    times humanity has ever faced, when some will achieve self-realization & enlightenment while others remain in dualistic consciousness – the times referred to by some as “the sorting the wheat from the chaff”.

    An International speaker with over 20 years experience on the world lecture circuit researching and speaking on these subjects, Simon Peter offers an unforgetable evening that is not only nurturing and entertaining, but “unconventionally” informative as well. This is a non-religious presentation and also includes slides of geomantic Earth energy work recently carried out on powersites in Egypt, India & Sri Lanka.

    £7 at the door.

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:

    “90% of humanity sleepwalking into chaos”

    Sounds about right.
    But as we have seen from the bloggers here, it is just NOT possible to wake these guys up.
    Consciousness has a path and we MUST have destruction before change.

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  • I just thought this bit –

    1) Are you aware of just what is involved in the great changes now upon us at spiritual, social, political and economic levels?

    might help to build some bridges

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  • “ is just NOT possible to wake these guys up”

    Not if your explanation involves “The Mayans told me so!” The above was relatively sane. Man-made tsunamis is doctor time. If your claims were reached by a solid path of logic starting from accepted facts, you might get some people thinking, or at least entertaining your thoughts. For some reason you’re not as critically analytical of the conspiracy theories as you are of government spin — I’m not sure how you figure the one group is any more deserving of blind loyalty than the other.

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