Wednesday, June 18, 2008

John proposes an alternative strategy

Mansion House - more spin or confession time?

John proposes that if you cut public sector waste you will then be able to cut interest rates. If you don't then families will feel the pain.

Posted by who stole my pension? @ 08:16 PM (718 views)
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4 thoughts on “John proposes an alternative strategy

  • Yawn….

    Has he learnt the Welsh national anthem yet?

    Some of us remember this bozo from last time around.

    Dull, witless, unengaging, and steeped in the orthodoxies which no doubt go down well with the party faithful but essentially a superficial politician.

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  • mark wadsworth says:

    I normally have a lot of time for JR, but that post just jumbles up too much stuff. When he talks about “a collapsing housing market” he seems to be implying that this is A Bad Thing, which most visitors to this site agree is A Thoroughly Good Thing. And so on.

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  • I had a long and unproductive (if highly enlightening) go at John Redwood on his blog about his and his party’s jokey perspective on house prices. Anyone who has a lot of time for John Redwood should read the comments (URL below)

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  • Davidp – nice one! The view of JR – and indeed most politicians is unbalanced and skewed. Its really no surprise though, the main thrust is to appeal to the majority of the electorate (leaving their own VI to one side). If the demographics were to change so would the policies. What i would like to see is something like ok if Hprices go down then the pros are x and the cons are y. On balance x > y, therefore we promote x, or vice versa. Now you could argue that your view of the pros and cons diverge, but that would be both transparant and (assuming its at least part reasoned) honest.

    My view on politicians remains and is summarised by your comment “no wonder people dont vote”.

    “No Boom and Bust”…….thats the wrong mantra, try “we will do all we can to maintain the boom but at some point in time something nasty is going to happen – but hopefully either mid term and we will resolve it before the next election or it will happen just after we have won the election”. What that nastyness is and how much it can be postponed well thats what we are finding out!

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