Monday, June 23, 2008

Desperate times, desperate measures

Three million people have sold goods to pay for their housing, says charity

This article states, amongst other things, that rents are 'soaring' at the same time as mortgage costs, which doesn't quite add up, or tally with my experience. Also see the claim by the woman who had her house repossessed that it was 'sold for what I think is a fraction of its value'. Wishful thinking indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Desperate times, desperate measures

  • japanese uncle says:

    As I said before, pawn shops and cash coverter sector will be a buy for the decade(s) to come. Along with it comes a deflation, most certainly. Sheer balance of supply and demand. Those firms such as Bose that never offered discounts started to offer ‘deals’ which in fact is a sizable discounts.

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  • Notbuyingoneyet says:

    I’ve been here in the early nineties. Sold off things at car boot sales to pay the mortgage. Started with spare plumbing parts I had not used. Spare Fish Tank and parts. Musical keyboard I had only just started to learn to play, cameras, and anything else I could live without. Eventually my car was sold and then after that I was borrowing from one credit card to pay another. If you lose control, you tip over the mountain of debt and lose everything. Fortunately for me I just managed to keep finances in order and pay up my loans. I regret selling off some things now. Leaves a bad taste.

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  • Still-waiting says:

    A great time to be shopping on ebay.

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  • Just wondering. Round my way, there seems to be a lot more 3&4 bed houses available for rent than there used to be. Previously it was mostly flats.
    A 1 bed flat, the typical btl property used to be £600/month, now it is £500/month. A 3 bed house is now around £900. I think it was about £1200 previously, but there were very few of them around previously.

    If the average rent is now £800, but previously about £650 due to the different mix of properties available, that could be interpreted as “soaring” rent/ And some tennants will choose to rent a better/bigger property for the same money rather than the same one for less money. This could also affect the figures.

    Any thoughts?

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