Monday, June 2, 2008

Another one to add to the pile of negative press stories

After the boom, the bust

Any suggestion that Britain's overblown, over-hyped and over-valued property market is due for a soft landing after the excesses of recent years has just been exploded. We've had the boom: welcome to the bust.

Posted by inbreda @ 03:13 PM (1050 views)
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6 thoughts on “Another one to add to the pile of negative press stories

  • I know all that, but Gordon Brown definitely said ”No more boom and bust”

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  • HPW – good point – maybe the Guardian is lieing. Or perhaps they’re taking drugs! 😉

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  • Profitofdoom says:

    Yeh, funny that isnt it?….a politician not telling the truth…..

    I say – the longer the party – the bigger the hangover :-(…..

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  • The Baldman says:

    Where were all these comments 4 years ago when it mattered

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  • I too, remember a certain sacked faced chancellor (you remember him “best chancellor since the 2nd world war” and all that guff) telling us that after the dreadful time we all had with the Tories, he would personally do nothing to let the boom and bust cycles continue (errr. selling all the gold reserves, the FSA, the mcp, err, the continual lies about inflation, giving gp’s 100k contracts, the 10p tax debacle, the Irag WAR, the Afghan WAR, a whole range of stealth taxes, err we could be here all day!)

    I suppose it’s understandable really because for most of this time our illustrious former PM, Tony bLIAR, failed to let us know that his descision making was influenced by his beliefs in;

    Original sin (yes you’re borne evil!),
    Purgetory (the place you go to pay for your sins before you get to heaven)
    Saints (matrydom!)

    and you don’t believe in;
    Contraception (apart from the rhythm method)

    Why else would you stop being an anglican and start being a catholic. If only he had let us know before hand it might have prevented the fools voting for this bunch of t*ts 3 times. I seriously doubt that the Socialist Workers Party could have lied to us and been worse than this lot. I have nothing against religion ( Liar: I do really but you simply can’t ban it, I really wish you could, communists tried it, only made it more important!)

    Unfortunately we all pretty much knew when Thatcher and co were lying. It got much harder in 1997, can’t think why?

    Reckon the Lib Dems coulda done a lot worse that voting for Vince Cable rather that that Glegg non entity, Now at least Mr Cable nows how to ridicule this lot with a few words of wit, and he’s a ballroom dance champion, what more qualification do you need to be PM.

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  • Rental John says:

    If the government had had the balls to do something 2 or maybe 3 years ago (2005 would have been the best time – interest rates did go up to stiffle house price rise – but was not sustained enough)….then we may of stood a chance to level things off…….when the fire was just in the waste basket – now it is licking up the curtains and across the floor it’s too damned late.

    Gordon Brown was smug and self serving….and still is….

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