Friday, April 11, 2008

One in the eye for the xenophobes


There is no evidence that foreign migrants are being given precedence over local people in the allocation of social housing, according to new research.The authors say that neither qualitative analysis of local authority policies, nor an examination of patterns of tenure give any evidence to support claims that recent migrants get preferential treatment.In fact 90 per cent of people living in social housing were born in the UK.Most new migrants, particularly from new European Union member states such as Poland, cannot claim entitlement to social housing.The report also dismisses suggestions of queue jumping or abuse of the system.

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4 thoughts on “One in the eye for the xenophobes

  • I am a bit old fashioned and would like to live in a pre-war England but If we invite foreign workers and their families, we have a social responsibility to provide housing and benefits if necessary. Migrant workers seem to be low paid and because housing and rents are so high (bring on the house price crash).Several incomes are required to pay the rent. The councils in some areas are inundated with immigration and this is because the labour goverment underestimated the numbers, they don’t seem to be very good with numbers. As wages increase in their home countries they will realise that uk 2008 is overpriced and will probably go home to well made cheaper homes.

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  • Thank God for that then, thats put my mind at rest.

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  • Mark Wadsworth says:

    “In fact 90 per cent of people living in social housing were born in the UK”.

    Meaningless statistic without a comparative!!!

    How many per cent of the UK population overall were actually born in the UK? If it’s only 80%, then it appears to be true that immigrants are not given preference. If it’s 95%, than recent immigrants are given preference.

    Not that I am too fussed either way, being half-foreign and married to a foreigner. And neither of us would go anywhere near a council estate. It’s out of academic interest.

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  • Agreed MW. Pointless stats – but like you i don’t care either way. Pointless discussion except for the fact, as bananasplit mentions, the effects on house prices when we have net emigration.

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