Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Government’s strategy of fear is working

British population are 'highly paranoid'

"One participant who experienced paranoid thoughts told the scientists: "There's something dodgy about one guy. Like he was about to do something - assault someone, plant a bomb, say something not nice to me, be aggressive.""

I am surprised that the article didn't round off with, "But the fear levels could be significantly reduced with the introduction of ID cards."

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2 thoughts on “Government’s strategy of fear is working

  • FSA gets a new Adviser

    FSA Head: So Mr Adviser, we are very pleased to have you here. What would you suggest?

    Adviser: Well firstly let the market players know we are going to have some ground rules. People must abide by these rules or we will jail them.

    The rules are:
    If you say anything negative about a stock, we will prosecute you for market manipulation.
    If you say anything positive about a stock and it turns out to be true, we will prosecute you for insider trading
    If you say anything we don’t like we will jail you anyway.
    We will suppress dissenting opinions under libel law or the war on terror. A 42 day detention should do it.

    We will give people a ballot where they can choose what to do;
    a) Buy stock
    b) Buy stock
    c) Buy stock
    d) Buy stock

    If they don’t like this, we will jail them and seize their assets to prevent asset flight

    FSA Head: Fantastic, Mr Adviser. This will stop that market manipulation. Where did you get such wonderful ideas, President Mugabe?

    Adviser: Can’t think. Just came naturally, really.

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  • japanese uncle says:

    I can almost see business tycoons offering money on/under the table to the NULABOR expecting multi-billion pounds business out of this stupid ID Carad scheme.

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