Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brian Bloom talks sense

Stocks Bear Market Notes

Brian Bloom talks about debt, the stock markets, oil, alternative energies that won't work, alternative energies that will work, politics, responsibility, gold, and wait for it...............the Mayan Calendar and consciousness

Before you start filling the bath and running for the toaster, how about reading the article and giving some constructive comments please.

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7 thoughts on “Brian Bloom talks sense

  • theboltonfury says:

    I am not running my bath or reaching for any electrical appliance.

    Linking it to the MC see,s just as the author says, nothing more than a shot in the dary. Anyway, the mayans just finished their calender on 21/12/12 not because it’s the end of time, but merely because it’s the start of a new one, which by they reckoning is a Golden Age of happiness. I can see no mention in the Mayan preaching that any date n May 2008 holds anysignificance. Even if I missed it, I guarantee they weren’t talking about it in relation to buying bloody gold.

    Keep em coming though, I like listening

    By the way, I read a lot about Calleman yesterday. He seems to be almost universally ctiticised in terms of his model for it being loose to the point of pure invention. I also read one of his dialogues with a 2012 planetary alignmentist over email. I’m sorry but I can’t take that particular guy seriously anymore than I can the guy who said that when the planets lined up we’re all toast. It happens every 26,000 years therefor we’d have been all toast about a million times by now!

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  • He’s done what you’ve never done S2R1 and made a prediction! So – here we go…

    ” For the record, I am reasonably optimistic that the world is soon about to come to its senses. If I had to take a punt, I would punt that May 16 th 2008 will be the day when that realisation will begin to dawn. That is the day that the Mayan Calendar forecasts will be the harbinger of an energy shift. ”

    Brilliant. I’ve set my calendar to remind me of this. Let’s look out for some clear evidence on Friday, May 16th 2008 that a realisation will begin to dawn that… oh no *wait*. It’s still incredibly vague. I ALSO predict that on May 16th 2008 something relating to the gold price, the oil price, the media coverage of the two, the situation in Tibet and any of the other stuff in the (rambling) article will happen.

    Come on s2r1, as I’ve asked SO MANY times:

    ONE *FALSIFIABLE* PREDICTION, PLEASE or would you please just stop spamming the site with this garbage?

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  • I’ve been trying to work out what is actually going on in the markets recently. If the CEO of a major bank resigns because he feels he’s cocked up and they’ve lost loads of money – it seems odd to me that the share price should then go up. My first thought was that the plunge protection team was at work and that if they could create some momentum, then all the day traders would jump on the band wagon and help equities and the dollar ‘recover’. All is well and gold can go down the pan now it’s not needed any more. If the yanks are giving ‘tax rebates’ to everyone and want them to spend them to encourage growth, then it’s quite plausible that they would buy loads of shares to get capital flowing back into the US.

    However, my latest thoughts are that the Chinese would want to get rid of all the dollars they are holding, don’t want the US consumer to stop buying all their stuff, don’t want their currency to appreciate against the dollar as it would remove their competitive advantage etc.

    If they buy lots of gold with their dollar holdings, they drive up the price of gold – that’s no good. So they buy US equities when no-one else is and start a bear market rally – they quietly then bail out in the rally and buy gold which is now devalued. Next week the see-saw will reverse and equities will go down and gold back up for a few days. Play the see-saw well and you get rid of all your dollars very effectively and accumulate gold instead at knock down prices.

    Of course market moving like that could only be done by someone with loads of cash. Like the Chinese…

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  • This stood out for me in the article –

    “The fact is that we are now living in a world where everything and everyone is dependent on everything and everyone else. It’s not an outcome of some heinous “conspiracy”. It’s the outcome of a population explosion and a profligate attitude towards resources. We have to change ourselves from inside out. We have to start taking individual responsibility.”

    Exactly. So what’s the point in predicting a change in consciousness on some random date? Well, because you wish to passively observe the ‘change’ and benefit from it (supposedly by buying gold).

    In other words, an ‘enlightening’ or ‘change of consciousness’ hasn’t happened AT ALL. You’re simply covering you’re self-interested ar*e, just as intended.

    If the ‘world coming to its senses’ amounts to everyone buying gold like its gone out of fashion, well sorry, but to me that doesn’t amount to a whole lot of change.

    Of course ‘the world’ as described here (and in just about every other financial article you will read) naturally means the tiny minority of the population of the earth that actually have money to speak of.

    The majority of people on this planet don’t care about the financial ‘crisis’. They care about living, feeding their families, making something of their life. Go down to your local Tescos and ask the person working behind the counter what they care about. Clue : not the credit crunch.

    Not a member of the HPC forum : don’t care
    Not a prospective homeowner : don’t care
    Not in debt : don’t care
    Not in a job : don’t care
    Not doing any of the above in a western-style economy : don’t care

    etc. etc.

    So who exactly is this ‘world’ that’s going to ‘wake up’ in a recognisable way in May.

    As I said before, the real ‘change of consciousness’ will happen when the people writing, reading and coming up with the theories in these articles stop acting like a rabbit that can’t see beyond the four walls of its hutch.

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:


    The first step to change is informing people about the truth.

    But people don’t want to know the truth until they are in a state of desperation.
    That is the reality. That is human nature.

    Action and change will happen but only when people have no other choice.
    I think the mid-May period is when the reading and writing spills over into action.

    Chill-out shipbuilder, we are on the same page
    Action only happens when knowledge reaches a critical mass in a population and “tips over”

    James – I think we know who you are.

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  • s2r1 – is that a threat? Do tell me who I am…

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  • Shipbuilder – bravo, by the way. Worth noting as well that even if you did buy gold (ie, you believed s2r1) you’ve lost >10% in the past 2 weeks. ‘Greed’ appears not to be good for the investment banks or for the goldbugs. Or for the Mayans, as it happens.

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