Saturday, March 22, 2008

Housing shortage, house prices always go up, undamned lies in our post-fact society

Investing in a Post-Fact Society (a/k/a, Were the Good Times a Mirage?)

First they denied what was happening, then "it is contained", then they blamed Bears. Now, they have embraced Marx, successfully pleading for the central planners to rescue them from their own stupidity. What does the future holds if we turn our back on the facts? "One of the world's great cautionary lessons are the significant contributions made towards mathematics by the Islamic Arab Empire, circa 8th century to 15th century. While European intellectual progress had ceased -- blame the rise of church extremism -- enormous gains were being had elsewhere. Sometime around 18th or 19th centuries, the cultural roles seem to reverse. After the Age of Enlightenment, the Europeans rejected religious extremism, and prospered, while the Arab Empire embraced extremism, and suffered"

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3 thoughts on “Housing shortage, house prices always go up, undamned lies in our post-fact society

  • Cristiano Barbaro says:

    I would just like to correct the statements above. Medieval Europe was by no means a trough, or a Dark Age, like modern historians love to tell us from the get go (right when I was at school). Many monasteries kept the old Classical culture and knowledge alive. On the contrary, the library of Alexandria in Egypt, at the same time, was destroyed by some islamic ruler (whose name I can’t remember), because the books were held to be blasphemous – so much for them preserving knowledge. Also, the great so caled Islamic thinkers, which historians love to repeat ad nauseam to us, were nothing less than Assyrians, or other conquered people, who held the knowledge already when they were taken over by the muslim armies. The great Avicenna, but to name one for example, is known to have rejected islam in his writings. He was nearly killed for it, and all his anti islamic texts were destroyed. Today muslims and non muslims tout hims as a great islamic scientist. Talk about insulting the dead. But how do we know what I say above if his anti islamic writings were destroyed by his co-religionists? Well because they did not destroy the religious trial edicts or fatwas where his blasphemous writings are mentioned indirectly, and where he was condemned.
    Sorry chaps, I just wanted to correct the all too common misconceptions which the “educational” system and media like to feed us all the time. You are all welcome to do your own research and come to the same conclusions I have.

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  • It is not true that ‘significant contributions [were] made towards mathematics by the Islamic Arab Empire, circa 8th century to 15th century’. Firstly mathematics has absolutely nothing to do with the Koran or Islam – which is a religious text that attacks secular knowledge. Secondly the mathematical advances attributed to the ‘Islamic Arab Empire’ where actually made by non-Muslim Hindus in India, e.g. the Decimal system, algebra, Pythagora’s. Look these up in an enclyclopdia. The majority of the population in the so-called Islamic world, was actually non-Muslim as recently as the 8th to 18th century, e.g. Spain, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Bagdad, etc, as were most of the academics in those cities. Thus the mathematics, science, etc. was no more Islamic than Mickey Mouse! Please do not propagate Muslim propaganda on the internet.

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  • happyrenterz says:

    I think Bill and CB have missed the point. The point being that arab culture flowered until Islamic extremism cut it off. Extremism being a denial of fact and truth. So the point is if we deny fact our cultural flowering will suffer the same fate.

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