Friday, February 1, 2008

Spread betting on property market fluctuations, you could make a fortune — or lose your shirt

Spread betting

This article is from exactly a year ago. If you had had a bet then, how would you have fared? I would have lost my shirt (too bearish) Interesting to see the market forecast London av. price Dec 2007 to be 298k, actual was 300K. They know a thing or two don't they! Look at their current spreads.

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3 thoughts on “Spread betting on property market fluctuations, you could make a fortune — or lose your shirt

  • dohousescrashinthewoods says:

    Well I’m in and March expectations have risen 1.5 points (bad for me). Tempted to put in a smaller bet at this higher level (possibly for June) as I think things will likely get ugly in the next few months. I see big rate cuts, but mortgage rates rising on both sides of the Atlantic, I see the “monoline meteorite” incoming, the continuing rise of gold and, ignoring propaganda, a steady progress into global recession. Plus, these are the months when mortgages start resetting and astute people who were willing to ignore the odd monthly drop are noting a quarterly decline.

    Ultimately, don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose. It’s not a sure thing and the market has no concept of what you “want” it to do, so it will move according to its own dynamic. I’m prepared to lose a few quid on this, but if it starts to turn, I want to be in there, warmed up and ready to seize the day. I missed the boom, so I’m going to do my best to follow the crash. I want no part in peoples’ misery, so following an index like this seems the least harmful way possible to do something sensible, profitable and probably only about as risky as betting on the upswing by buying property during the boom.

    With a bit of shrewdness, this could generate a deposit with which to buy in at the bottom, ready for the next cycle (assuming it isn’t in fact the actual end of the world – I can just about envisage a major empire-destruction, but I can also imagine people starting to rebuild from the grass roots [local, agrarian, trading real things] when all the top-heavies have fallen.).

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  • Uk Online Betting says:

    yes..i know that its been a year since the article is posted…. i wont lose shirt… merely depends on the situation…

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