Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No directly related to HPC

Anti-depressants 'no better than dummy pills'

Seeing as we already discuss corruption and fraud in financial/political areas, is this article saying that the big pharma companies have been selling us a lie for decades, or did they really not know their drugs were not necessary.

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11 thoughts on “No directly related to HPC

  • Last_days_of_disco says:

    This is exactly what Dr David Burns says in his book “When Panic Attacks” — search on Amazon if you are interested.

    He quotes a similar study in his book. He was a big believer in drugs up until a few years ago. Basically mainstream well
    repsected psychiatrists like Dr Burns have been saying this for years. Its no new big revelation. Basically the pills work for a few people but in most cases they do nothing and have all kinds of evil side effects. Went through this hell with my
    wife and I can tell you I am totally against SSRIs now except in very special cases.

    Its *not* a chemical imbalance in your brain most of the time, its that you don’t think straight about life (this study just confirms
    it again, but out comes the VI to muddy the waters so they can keep selling “blue pill”).

    Maybe that is where the relevance comes in with the whole HPC thing. We should of had a crash, in fact over the last couple
    of years our wealth has been deteriorating as if we were in a crash but we have been told everything is ok, its not how you
    think, you just need a bigger mortgage. So credit has been the “anti-depressant” to mask the reality, we have wrong thinking,
    fix that and the recovery is dramatic. However the side effects of the anti-depressant can be very painful.

    The VIs want to keep it going though. Stuff them.

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  • Que?

    It only gets worse for all those depressed buy-to-letters!

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  • Here have some pills. They make you happy. You can work harder. Faster. Longer.

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  • little professor says:

    I’m a psychiatrist, and this study was extremely poor in methodological quality and published in a unknown obscure journal. It’s the equivalent of quoting Assetz for house price news.

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  • Get with it guys – we are galloping towards a Depression – mental, emotional, spiritual. End of story.

    No get-out clause.

    Following natural law.

    Mass party mass hangover.

    Simple stuff.

    We are in need of an act to bring us back to our senses. Economic disaster is that act.

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  • larry pickleman says:

    I’m a not psychiatrist, but I refused anti-depressants on the grounds that they only treat symptoms, not causes. A bit like interest rate cuts…

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  • They worked for me.

    Mind you – I wasn’t depressed to start with.

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:


    “we are galloping towards a Depression – mental, emotional, spiritual. End of story.”

    Your in the right direction but it is more complicated than that.

    IMHO there are 2 fundamental problems with civilization
    1. Corruption and fraud in political/financial/media/corportate sector (power structure)
    2. Resouce issues with peak oil/food/water/population

    The Lungold/Calleman interpretation of the Mayan calendar says we are currently in the phase where ethics finally overcomes power.
    The destruction phase is called the “fifth night” and last for about 1 year with a midpoint of May this year.

    Over the next 6 months I think we will see the power structure exposed for what they really are.
    The primary driver for this unmasking is the internet. We are a part of this process
    This should eventually lead to the solutions for problem 1.

    Problem 2. however is much more serious and cannot be overcome by ethics.
    Ethics needs to be replaced by co-creation. There is no need to worry about problem 2. just yet. Lungold/Calleman’s model doesn’t schedule this “fifth night” until summer 2011

    Watch these 2 videos before slagging me off without any argument or real thinking.

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  • So who are the dummies, then ??!!

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  • I haven’t seen the linked vids. I’m at work so I think I might get busted ! I agree that corruption is a major cause of all our problems but hasn’t this always been the case ? As I say I don’t know exactly where you’re pointing to but I don’t like to think of myself or reality as predictable. I will watch the linked videos and respond afterwards.

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