Friday, February 8, 2008

Gold and Silver BIG Picture

Opening the Mint to Gold and Silver

The Mint is the symbol of Constitutional Money, the only kind not subject to manipulation. In the 1800's governments illegal powergrab's took over money creation from the Mint. Today as a result of this, money printing is becoming ever more frantic. One debt bubble after another is made. The latest being our beloved house price bubble. As currencies become worthless a Gold War is going on in the world. The alignment of the antagonists is the same as it was in the Cold War. The name of the game is: who will end up with the largest pile of the precious yellow metal? To attract gold and silver, Mints will be reopened, the last one to open loses, since other countries will already have hoovered up any gold and silver to stabilise their crumbling financial systems.

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3 thoughts on “Gold and Silver BIG Picture

  • if this is true please could somebody tell me why oldman sucks sorry goldman sacs put loads of bets on gold going down. that seemed real dumb was that not about a month a go . i must be off my head but the pounds getting hammered gold can stay still and go up for an englishman . if i was standng for mp . i would say save or be invaded one way or another. if usa has lost it banks thats scary because a they only got an army left and b george w bush swears on the james the first bible . james the first wrote the book beause e thought he was bigger than god ie king of england . so jamie boys believes were past on to charlie boy and then us old colchester boys will tell you . WE HAD THE SIEGE HOUSE. CIVIL WAR. .

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  • sold 2 rent 1 says:

    “why oldman sucks sorry goldman sacs put loads of bets on gold going down”

    The governments and big banks know that keeping the gold price down is vital to their power base.
    Once gold rises above a certain level (not sure exactly where that is, maybe $3000) then the banking system loses so much confidence that a tipping point is reached.

    This tipping point involves massive deposit withdrawals to buy physical gold. This then throws the fractional reserve system into a downward spiral where loans have to be called in to meet the reserve requirements.

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  • Did Goldman sell gold short? Or did they just advise the public to sell short? What sticks in my mind is that, of late, Goldman’s very public announcements have all been on the wrong side of the reality that then unfolded. e.g. the statement about shorting gold this year would be a good thing, followed by their gross overestimate (even relative to the market median overestimate) of the change in the US non-farm payroll stats for January. These days, I’ve found that betting against Goldman’s public pronouncements is a good way to make money. In the case of the NFP stats, I actually gained confidence in my shorts from their bullish prediction and upped my stake – that is how cynical I am towards GS – and made a LOT of money in an hour. They have supposedly been doing well this past year, hence I believe they do the same.

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