Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great example of VI lies…

Increase in first time buyers

So blatantly misleading that it is actually laughable. "Increase in FTBs from 10.1% in Nov to 13% in Dec" Ah right, so MORE FTBs in the market? Don't think so - suspect that the the rapidly-decreasing number of FTB is being overtaken by the even-more-rapidly-decreasing number of FTB. NAEA President, Stewart Lilly says: “We hope this positive trend will continue into 2008..." Massive c*ck. Unsurprisingly can't seem to find a link to the actual survey on NAEA website too easily...

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7 thoughts on “Great example of VI lies…

  • At 10:19am we learned that the total number of buyers is down 50%. So that means BTL buyers down more than 50% and FTBs down less than 50%. I guess people moving from one house to another aren’t so sensitive to movements in property prices.

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  • …meant FTB decline probably being overtaken by BTL decline, Therefore reducing FTB dressed up as an ‘increase’ as it makes up a greater proportion of an overall decreasing sales volume…

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  • Ah – liars and statistics

    statistically this may be correct – FTB may be a higher % of buyers in Dec than Nov.

    With the total collapse of the BTL buyer you would expect FTB to increase as a percentage of all buyers.

    Of course that does not mean there has been a numerical increase in FTBs. There may well have been a numerical decrese.

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  • ‘has given a long overdue boost to the property market.’

    I have absolutely no idea where this @rse has been hiding, but the property market is not in need of a long ‘overdue’ boost, it needs a bloody large pin.

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  • “…it needs a bloody large pin.”

    Actually, bystander, I think one small pri*k should do it. And in Stewart Lilly, I think we have our man.

    BTW, do you mean “overtaken by the even-more-rapidly-decreasing number of…” STB?

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  • Aberdeen? For Christ’s sake.

    This is the city so far north that it lies on the same latitude as Norway; a city that in the winter sees no light until 9.30 a.m. before getting dark again at 3.00 p.m. I know, I lived there for three years and I have never ever wanted to go back.

    Truly cold miserable weather, half a day’s drive from civilisation and ridiculous house prices – who the hell would want to live there, let alone pay £675K for a modest house? Oh, and the oils running out too – only a lunatic would invest long term in the Aberdeen house market.

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  • japanese uncle says:

    Date: 24/Jan/2007

    To: The National Association of Estate Agents

    From: Royal Institution of Professional Property Charlatans

    Re: Designation of Certified Property Charlatan (CPC)

    You are hereby qualified as Certified Property Charlatan (CPC: Group Membership), in consideration of your recent valuable contribution to the rigging of the UK property market by offering effective propaganda to the potential house buyers, without regard to the damage to your good reputation (if any remaining).

    Demonstration of such selfless dedication to the industry deserves our utmost recognition and appreciation. In particular, the phrase as follows in your most recent article in the Buying Property News (20/Jan/07 issue) shall be remembered long in the halls of property charlatanry as one of the classic but elementary cases of manipulative statistics by which you gave the impression that FTB increased in number by not referring to the actual numbers but ratios only, resulting in a tremendous success:
    The increase from 10.1% in November to 13% in December has given a long overdue boost to the property market

    Yours Sincerely,

    Humpty Dumpty,
    Royal Institution of Professional Property Charlatans

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