Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2.45% rejected, 4.3% (RPI) wanted by teachers

Teachers threaten strike action over pay

First the police, now the teaches.....look forward to a summer of strikes! ''The National Union of Teachers is considering whether to follow through with an earlier threat of a one-day strike, following today's pay announcement. New trouble on the public sector pay front comes as the prime minister, Gordon Brown, has put his credibility on the line to restrict wage inflation, which has already provoked protest from police.''

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7 thoughts on “2.45% rejected, 4.3% (RPI) wanted by teachers

  • I think the house market will have to be sacrificed in the war on inflation
    The BoE has very very very very little room to cut rates

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  • @confused76 I agree, that they are completely caught. Actually this situation was predicted by a very good report on this site:-


    I guess it depends on whether they are going to follow the US market example or…do the right thing. But inflation remains a real, real problem. So the question is whether they believe their own figures, and I have doubts about that. In any event things are getting very tight.

    Looks like ALL the chickens have finally ALL come home.

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  • They need to strike, even if they won’t be paid because if they accept this offer they won’t have enought money to pay the bills anyway.
    Government have stood by and let banks continue to lend money in a Las Vegas stylee – nobody should have to borrow 7 times their salary just to have a home. GB did nothing to stop the irresponsible practice and now he will use the law to stop us asking for more – shame on you for forgetting that you work for us – if my work record produced results like yours I would be sacked.
    Bet you still get a nice holiday and I don’t expect there will be many teachers, nurses or police officers on the beach with you.

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  • Luverly Juberly!

    Its all coming part at the seams now….

    1978 all again… I wish Joe Strummer was still here though London calling to the underworld (Hain Blair etc..?)

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  • Good for them. Expecting public sector workers to start accepting wage increases based on CPI inflation is just insulting. Here is what the governments own national statistics website has to say about the RPI figure:

    What is RPI data?
    The Retail Prices Index (RPI) is the most familiar general purpose domestic measure of inflation in the United Kingdom. It is available continuously from June 1947. The Government uses it for uprating of pensions, benefits and index-linked gilts. It is commonly used in private contracts for uprating of maintenance payments and housing rents. It is also used for wage bargaining.

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  • @rickyb: spon on. The whole world has to pay the cost of living and this is the RPI. As you say, palming off the CPI as the real inflation is an insult. The point is: hes broke, Darling knows it – they all know it. Trouble is, more and more of us know it too.

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  • it_is_going_with_a_bang says:

    Well before “2percent Brown” thinks about forcing 3 year deals on the public sector maybe he would like to seal a 2.4% 3 year deal on my council tax. What do you mean no ?? I don’t understand?? I thought 3 year deals were a good idea… ?

    What …. a 5% CAP on council Tax??? But i don’t understand ?? I thought the CPI target was 2%????

    One rule for one. Another for someone else.

    Well should be interesting to see what those Labour MP’s vote for a payrise.
    Bet it won’t be 2%.

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