Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wanted: Roof at Christmas

Tory MP's Wet Night Sleeping Rough

"A Tory MP has spent a wet night sleeping rough on the streets of London to highlight the issue of homelessness". In a separate interview he told BBC "People think the housing ladder begins with getting your first mortgage, but it begins with people sleeping on the streets".

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5 thoughts on “Wanted: Roof at Christmas

  • The issue of homelessness is not always as simple as insufficient accommodation.

    Mental health issues, sometimes compounded by drug (including alcohol) abuse are sometimes the initial problem. Dysfunctional relationships can also be at the root of some homelessness (battered wives, teenage runaways, marriage breakdowns).

    If only there was a greater emphasis on encouraging positive family relationships rather than the selfish “it’s my right” type of living, I think we would see less homeless people on our streets.

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  • Don’t fancy it much. When I were a lad the “positive family relationships” boiled down to
    1) all youse wimmin back in the kitchen, no job for you pet, oh, and, get barefoot and pregnant while your at it.
    2) you’ll stop at home till you’re wed, so hand over your wage packet to your ma now, lad.
    3) not under my roof you won’t, my lass.
    4) divorce? you must be joking, peasant! That’s not for the likes of you.
    5) if you don’t like it you can join the army.
    Of course it was ‘stable’, and there was next to no crime. Like most dictatorships.

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  • I don’ t think building more houses will solve homelessness. Most of the people on the street can’t cope with living alone anyway.

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  • Interesting article P4ac. It does raise the issue of permanent rather than temporary help.

    I’ve had a brief scurry around the Glasgow and Edinburgh homeless sites. Both have advice and help available for homeless persons. But I suppose they need the ability to seek the help in the first place (not so easy if mental health or under-age is a factor).

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